2014 tire market will still face greater pressure

Deng Yayi, President of China Rubber Industry Association, said on May 29 that the development of China's tire industry in 2014 will continue the characteristics of 2013, that is, the price rises and prices will drop, and the market pressure will be high. The main reason is that the price of raw materials has driven the tire products. The price fell.

“As raw material prices for natural rubber go down all the way, the market will expect the price of tires to fall. This expectation has been even stronger since 2013.” Deng Yaxi explained.

Zhang Wanyou, general manager of Shuangqin Shares , also stated that the decline in tire raw materials caused the product to fall, and then promoted the continued decline in the upper reaches. This has already formed a vicious circle. “Now the tire industry has entered an era of low profit.”

“In the past, the tire industry was also very sensitive to price, but it only increased sales and declined prices in disguised form. However, since the second half of last year, due to overcapacity, the raw material prices have caused the entire tire industry to have to price clearly and maintain value. This is a new industry in our industry. Normal, it is expected to continue in the future." He said.

Cable Granulator Machine

granulator machine

metal shredding machines
Model 600 Crusher Manual
This crusher is specializing in auto-wire, communicate cable,and other mixed copper wire/cable.

Voltage:380V -50Hz

Please clear up iron from the mixed cables, infeed according to the crusher `s capacity.The crusher will chop the scrap wires into granules.

if any abnormal noise,please stop and open the crusher , inspecting or changing screen,if any part run hot,please stop it and inspect.

Matters needing attention:

*Please inspect all the plants before working and after working, inspect whether the belts/nuts to become loosened or disengaged,add lubricating oil to bearing block.
*please wear mask, gloves on working time.
*Never put your hands into the shield when the machine working,keep child away from the machine.

1 Blades Grinding 5 days/time
2 Belts loose or fray 15days/time
3 Add lubricating oil to rotate parts,bears. 1day/time
5 Inspect shield 1day/time
6 screen 15days/time
7 screws 1day/time

Cable Granulator Machine

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