3D recycling machine reduces, reuses and recycles excess material

In recent years, 3D printing has become increasingly hot. The ensuing question is: How to reduce the excess plastic produced by the failed printing of 3D printers? Fortunately, some environmentalists have come up with ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle excess materials.

Recently, everyone has been producing wire recycling machines from NASA to small start-up companies. These machines can not only recover failed prints and excess wire, but also recycle other forms of plastic, such as plastic bottles and plastic bags. One of these is the Shred-Buddy 3D recycling machine, a desktop crusher and plastic granulator that can turn excess plastic into pellets.

The Shred-Buddy 3D recycling machine was developed by German startup Venture-Bit, a compact machine that can use a variety of plastic materials to produce pellets and chips. These materials include 3D printed wire, plastic bottles, zippers and fishing lines. In order to operate the crushing part of the machine, you need a cordless screwdriver or a drill press, and Venture-Bit provides a different optimized machine version for each. Once the material is crushed (if necessary), a custom-developed stepper motor allows you to feed the material into the machine, and then the machine will process it into granules or shards. After the granules or shards can be directly on the 3D printer using the particulate material For use, or can be further processed with a wire extruder, they are also suitable for injection molding machines. Currently, Venture-Bit is hosting a crowdfunding campaign for this machine on Kickstarte. The deadline is August 8, and their target funding is 4,500 Euros ($4,940).

The limited edition "Early Bird" reward package will give back to early supporters a set of drill press Shred-Buddy, whose accessories cost € 130 ($ 143), including two metal feed pipes and one bottle opener, while non-early supporters The same accessory can be purchased for 140 euros ($154). Early supporters were also able to buy a cordless screwdriver version for 145 euros ($159), while non-earlier supporters spent 155 euros ($170), and return items are expected to ship in January 2017.

Shred-Buddy looks like a useful, versatile tool with an impressive number of material types. There has never been such a wire recycling machine that can handle such nylon materials as fishing lines and common plastics such as plastic bottles, yogurt cups, and even regular recycling devices for recycling fishing lines. You must know that the wild animals are deadly when they are wrapped around abandoned fishing lines. Hopefully, inventions such as Shred-Buddy will increasingly appear on Kickstarter and on the market. Not only will they help 3D printers reduce the damage caused by 3D printing to the environment, but they will also avoid the daily disposal of waste.

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