6 advantages of the new solid preparation granulation drying line

The new solid preparation granulation drying line has the following advantages:
1. The traditional granulation and drying process is that each device is installed in a separate clean room, and the materials are rotated in multiple clean rooms to avoid man-made secondary pollution. The new solid preparation granulation drying line adopts a closed transport method, which ensures that the granulation and drying processes are completed in the same purification room, eliminating man-made secondary pollution, making the granulation and drying processes more scientific and reasonable, and reducing the The space occupied by the equipment makes the production process more in line with GMP requirements.
2. Fully consider the compatibility of the equipment between the systems, according to the user's actual production and dosage form matching the corresponding type of equipment, so that the process before and after the output to achieve the best reasonable configuration, to ensure the continuity of production and stability.
3. Through the man-machine interface Control System, the wet granulation, boiling dry granulation process data can be stored, collected and printed separately. Through a control cabinet to control the parameter setting and monitoring of multiple devices, all parameters can be set and modified in stages and have multiple levels of passwords through corresponding levels. The main menu of the control system can reflect the statistics of the working status and data in real time, and the fault self-diagnosis system can reflect the equipment fault conditions and alarm records so that the production process can be fully automated and the process stability can be guaranteed.
4. The advantages of the respective equipments of the wet granulator and the boiling dry granulator are fully reflected. At the same time, the combination of a wet granulator with a dry granulator and a system can ensure a higher granulation yield.
5. The vacuum feeding device and the sequential lifting device have higher automated production conditions. The use of automated and mechanized production lines replaces traditional manual operations, reducing labor intensity and dust pollution.
6. According to the user's needs, the automatic cleaning nozzles can be set at multiple points to ensure reliable cleaning of the CIP in place.

1) Gear directly-connecting driving is adopted for high efficiency; 

2) Full stainless steel feeder; Variable pitch anti-bridging structure; Imported FC control;

3) Main gear and pinion shaft adopt the carbonizing quenching with high accuracy; smooth driving, low noise and long service life.

4) Gearbox and driving holes' accuracy are guaranteed by specialized casting supplier and NCC.

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