A brief overview of the new situation in the special inspection

The special inspection center has 104 personnel and 7 technicians, including 19 senior engineers, 27 engineers, 16 assistant engineers, 1 ASME authorized authorized inspector (Al), 9 nondestructive testing personnel, and inspectors. 38 people.

The special inspection center has professional technical personnel such as chemical machinery, welding, machinery manufacturing, boilers, metal materials, non-destructive testing, applied mechanics, lifting equipment, and automatic control.

The special inspection center has established a complete internal network system, which can provide convenient and quick provision of modern information services such as administrative management, quality system monitoring, inspection report issuance and audit, data storage, etc., providing scientific basis for leadership decision-making, and basically realized Center office automation, inspection technology business computer-aided.

The staff of the special inspection center carried out the compulsory verification and periodic verification of the safety performance of the special equipments such as boilers, pressure vessels, elevators and lifting machinery in the province, with a serious and responsible attitude and relying on advanced scientific testing techniques and means. It reduces unnecessary losses caused by hidden dangers of special equipment safety and safety to enterprises and countries.

Product Characteristics:

1.good stability-long service life

2.good impact resistance-high security

3.very excellent flexibility-easy bending and construction

4.easy repair for hot melting connection-simple installation,easy maintenance,and high cost perfoamance

Health,Comfort,Hygiene,saving energy

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