A joint venture between BMW and Brilliance will launch a new brand to lock in new energy

A joint venture between BMW and Brilliance will launch a new brand to lock in new energy According to reports, BMW Group brand sales and marketing director Robertson revealed that the joint venture between BMW and Brilliance is developing a new brand project, announced to the outside world within a month or two, it will be a brand new thing, also in BMW and mini A brand new outside.

Dr. Robertson also said that the Chinese market will see the pure electric vehicle i3 in the first half of 2014. The model will be launched in the world with the plug-in hybrid sports car i8 at the Frankfurt Auto Show at the end of September this year.

In addition, Ange, the new president and chief executive of BMW Greater China, said that BMW's future strategic continuity in the Chinese market will not be affected by the change. It is very optimistic about the overall market development in China. Although the expected growth is modest, it will also be a good double-digit growth. At present, BMW has approximately 1 million vehicles in China, but more than 50% of the vehicles are within two years of age. It will certainly need a lot in the future. After-sales service. In addition, BMW's used car business has just started in China and there is still great potential. BMW has also started some other profit channels, such as sales of major customers, automotive financial services and other fields.

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