After the automobile market, the company has set off a boom in the company.

At the beginning of the spring of 2019, there was a wave of “fighting fierce” joining the dragons in the automotive aftermarket. According to statistics, since the New Year, the development of new dealers of Longyan has grown at a rapid rate almost every day. This week, it has reached the speed of adding more than 4 new customers every day. The first purchase amount of new customers is also constantly improving, and the single purchase amount of 500,000 and 1 million has been common. At the same time, the Longyan Investment Hotline 4006761858 is a constant ringtone. Every day, a large number of interested customers call to ask how to join Longyan lubricants.

Dragonfly lubricant Dragonfly lubricant

Why are new customers so active in joining Long Hao? Listen to the following customers:

Big brand, good reputation, confidence

Wang, a new customer from the Jiangsu market, said that he has been in the automotive aftermarket for many years. He has heard about the Longyan brand. Many customers of the terminal have taken the initiative to introduce Longyan products. After many twists and turns, they finally became this year. Long Hao's dealer is very happy. Wang always believes that under the strong brand endorsement of Long Hao, he has full confidence to do his own area.

Longjing factory Longjing factory

Do dragons, market regulation is good, profits are guaranteed

Mr. Li, a new customer, said: There are several friends in my circle who are doing the distribution of Longyan products. In the past two years, everyone has earned a lot of money. Long Hao will also reward them with E-Class Mercedes and 3 Series BMW. I feel very good at level support. Of course, the profit is only one aspect. I think that Long Yao will do a lot of training and help the people below to expand. I am going to do this. I must be the brand of Long Yao.

Longjing Lubricant Processing Factory Longjing Lubricant Processing Factory

Similar to the new project such as the car V, the terminal maintenance store prefers, and there is a strong expert group as the backing. Chen, a new customer from Guangdong, believes that it is more and more difficult to make money at the store, and the customer's requirements are getting higher and higher. I like the standardized profit project and marketing plan proposed by the car, I still quite agree, and I feel promising.

The year is in the spring, after the Lantern Festival, the recruitment of new distributors in Longyan's 2019 blank market is still in full swing. Welcome more people in the automotive aftermarket to reach a cooperation with Long Hao. A new peak in career and wealth development!

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