Agricultural tractor maintenance items are those

Before the agricultural tractor needs technical maintenance, the tractor's engine should be turned off beforehand. If the tractor is to be hung with a farm tool, it is first necessary to place the farm implement in place for maintenance, if it is for more complex technical maintenance. It is best to choose indoors. What are the specific maintenance items for agricultural tractors?


1, agricultural tractor cleaning. Regular cleaning work for agricultural tractors can ensure that there will be no debris or dust entering the vehicle when adding lubricating oil and fuel. In addition, it is also possible to prevent the occurrence of clogging, damage, and corrosion of parts. Therefore, after each use of a farm tractor, it is also necessary to clear the vehicle.

2, agricultural tractor oil filling. The lubricant of the tractor needs to be filled according to the technical maintenance regulations of the vehicle, the interval of filling time, the number of filling, and the like. During the filling of the oil, there is always an amount of air in the grease gun that does not add enough, so check the amount of oil that is injected.

3, filter device maintenance. Check the oil filter, air filter for impurities, in order to be able to reduce the wear of various parts, we must regularly do a good job in replacement and cleaning, which is a major focus of agricultural tractor maintenance. The maintenance of the tractor air filter is mainly to clean up the dust in the accumulation cup, and then add new oil after cleaning the central air inlet pipe, cleaning and replacing the oil pan and the filter screen.


4, oil replacement and filling. The oil dipstick marking line is divided into upper and lower two lines, and the oil capacity in the two lines is also provided for the consumption of agricultural tractors under normal operating conditions. Generally, the oil level should be close to two lines. between. Because of the use of oil at high temperatures, oxidation, deterioration, poor lubrication, carbon deposits, gums, etc. may occur. Therefore, after using for a period of time, be sure to follow the agricultural tractor technical maintenance requirements to do a replacement job.

5. Clear the agricultural tractor cooling system. When doing maintenance and cleaning work for agricultural tractors, it is necessary to use soft water as required, so as to better retard the scale travel and ensure the effect of heat dissipation. If the tractor cooling system forms a large amount of scale, the engine will be overheated and the power will be insufficient due to poor heat dissipation. It may even cause failures such as pulling cylinders, burning tiles, and so on. Therefore, the scale removal work in the tractor cooling system also needs to be performed regularly.

6. When carbon deposits are removed from the surface of parts such as fuel injectors, pistons, etc., those metal objects cannot be used to scratch the carbon deposit. This will cause damage to the surface of the component parts. The correct method is to disassemble it. Place in detergent for a period of time before using a soft brush or cloth to wipe.

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