Analysis of oil-free water-cooled pulsating screw air compressor

Common faults and handling
1 Air output temperature is too high
(1) Reduce the air input temperature. Increase the ventilation of the air compressor room, add the exhaust hood to the roof of the air compressor room to remove the hot air, and control the indoor temperature not too high, especially in the hot summer, the temperature of the air compressor room should not exceed 40 °C.
(2) Reduce the input temperature of the cooling water, keep the water temperature at 18 °C in winter, and keep the water temperature at 24 °C in summer.
(3) Increasing the flow rate of the cooling water, it is estimated that the cooling water input temperature and the output temperature difference are l5 ° C, and the cooling water flow rate is 3.7 liter / sec.
(4) Clean the scale or dirty sediment in the cooling water. A detergent is added to the cooling water to dredge the cooling water system.
2 oil temperature is too high
The air compressor has oil temperature protection setting, and the oil temperature is turned off when the temperature exceeds 70 °C, causing the air compressor to shut down frequently. The cause of excessive oil temperature is the failure of the oil cooler.
Because the cooling water pipeline in the oil cooler is thin, it is not easy to clean after scaling, which causes the oil temperature to drop. It costs $2,800 to replace an oil cooler. After researching and groping, it is better to clean the cooler by the following method. After removing the oil cooler, soak it in the detergent for one day, then use a small water pump to pump the pressurized water into the oil cooler and rinse it repeatedly to remove the scale. With this method, the air compressor of our factory has not replaced the oil cooler, and the oil temperature in summer can also be controlled below 60 °C.
3 air filter frequently fails
When the air compressor is started, the air filter can only be used within one month. The analysis shows that the surrounding air environment is dirty. To this end, an air hood (pre-filter) is added above the air filter air filter to extend the filter usage time.
4 air compressor frequently burns the motor
During the use of the air compressor, the 25OkW main motor burned frequently during a period of time. The main reasons are as follows:
The maximum working pressure of this type of air compressor is 7.5? lO, Pa, the general working pressure is 7.0? lOPa. After the compressed air comes out from the air compressor, it is divided into two ways, one for the air jet loom, the working pressure is 6.0? lOPa; the other is for the sizing machine, the automatic winder, the warping machine, the working pressure is: 6.5? lOPa , 7.5? lOPa, 6.0? lOPa. In order to achieve an automatic winder pressure of 7.5??OPa, the empty machine must always be operated at the maximum working pressure. Long-term overload operation causes the motor to overheat and burn the motor.
To this end, the automatic winder is removed from the pipeline, and a 8.0 MPa domestic air compressor is used to supply gas, which solves the problem of frequent burning of the motor.

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