Analyze animal brain waves to read animal ideas

Humans want to communicate with animals and can now be achieved through science and technology. The Scandinavia Research Center in Northern Europe has invented an earphone device that analyzes the brain waves of animals and judges animals’ thoughts like tiredness or hunger. With a simple emotional response, the headset can be detected immediately and help the owner enter the animal's inner world.
The funny movie plot describes doctors with specific functions and can talk to animals. However, in real life, it is no longer a dream to seek out the mind of a pet. Scandinavia Research Center developed a headphone device that can detect the brain waves of animals and analyze the information that animals want to express so that the owner can accurately know what the pet is thinking.
At present, the device is still in the R&D stage, but the most basic emotions such as hunger or fatigue can already be identified. After the official launch, the distance between the owner and the pet can be expected, so that there is no obstacle to the communication between the two parties.

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