Automatic nitrogen analyzer to analyze the nutrition of halogen chicken legs

Chicken leg is a kind of food that people like, suitable for all ages. It is not only nutritious but also delicious. Braised chicken leg is a typical halogenated meat product. The analysis of the nutritional quality of all aspects of traditional meat products processing and technical improvements, and the formulation of more scientific production processes are in line with the requirements of the Food Industry “Eleventh Five-Year” Development Outline. This article studies the changes in nutritional quality during the processing of halogen chicken legs (haling time, halogen temperature and drying time), and provides a theoretical basis for industrial production. For the nutritional value of halogen chicken legs, automatic determination of nitrogen can be performed.

In the scope of the automatic nitrogen analyzer test, there was no significant difference in the total protein loss rate, fat loss rate, and soluble protein loss rate between the halogen time and the halogen temperature. From the statistical analysis of the range, it was found that the temperature difference of the halogenation temperature was greater than the range of the halogenation time, indicating that the effect of the halogenation temperature on the total protein loss rate, fat loss rate, and soluble protein loss rate of halogen chicken legs was greater than the halogenation time. From the perspective of the halogenation temperature, the loss of the three test indexes was the lowest at a temperature of 90°C, and the nutrition and quality of the halogen chicken legs were best preserved. From statistical analysis of variance, the three levels of the halogenation time (1, 2, 3 h) were known. The impact on the test is not significant, but considering the economy and efficiency in industrial production, determine the halogenation time is 1h. Considering comprehensively, the optimal combination of halogenation time and halogenation temperature is 1h and 90°C.

In the test range, both hardness and elasticity increased with the increase of drying time, and the levels were significantly different (Pr<0.01). This may be due to the moisture content in the halogen chicken legs evaporating as the drying time increases. Gradually decreased, while the decrease in moisture content led to an increase in hardness and elasticity; however, the cohesiveness first increased and then decreased with the increase in drying time, reaching a maximum at 4 h.

The processing of traditional sauce brine meat products is mainly based on flavor changes and personal operating experience. The lack of research on the loss of protein and fat in the processing process is the key to improving traditional craftsmanship technology in terms of finding a good flavor and maximizing the balance of nutrients. . In the processing of sauce and meat products, the loss rate of protein and fat is related to the temperature and time of the halogenation process; the loss of total protein, fat, and soluble protein in the halogen process at 80°C, 1h and 100°C for 1 hour and 90°C for 1 hour. Small, may be 90 °C temperature treatment in the chicken's leg surface denaturation of the protein to form a more dense tissue, hinder the precipitation of various nutrients in the chicken leg; and 80,100 °C failed to effectively hinder the internal secretion of nutrients in chicken legs.

In the range of factors determined by the automatic nitrogen analyzer, the total protein loss rate, fat loss rate, and soluble protein loss rate of the halogen chicken legs were not significantly different between the halogenation time and the halogenation temperature, but the effect of the halogenation temperature on the above three was stronger than that of the halogen. time. The drying time had a significant effect on the texture of halogen chicken legs. The hardness and elasticity increased with the increase of drying time, and the cohesion increased first and then decreased with the increase of drying time.

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