Beihai launches a hundred-day rectification of urban lighting

Up to now, the total mileage of installation of street lamps and landscape lighting facilities in Beihai City is about 963 kilometers. There are a total of 53230 盏 (sets) of street lamps and landscape lighting facilities. After 42 days of work by street lamps, the lighting rate of urban road lighting facilities has been The basic recovery has even exceeded the level before the typhoon damage this year. In order to consolidate the results, from November to February 5, 2015, Beihai City Street Lights will carry out a hundred-day rectification of urban lighting. It is reported that the number of street lamps in Beihai has increased from 9586盏 in 2001 to 29,630盏 in 2014, an increase of more than 3 times, and the number has increased from 320 km to 920 km, an increase of 2.8 times; from 2010, Beihai Avenue and the north Bay Road, Beijing Road, Sichuan Road and many other main roads have installed landscape lighting facilities. So far, there are 23,600 baht (sets) and the length of the line is 43 kilometers. At present, there are 176 special transformers for street lamps and 217 sets of street lighting monitoring terminal systems. The total power of street lighting and landscape lighting is about 7394 kW. According to statistics, in addition to natural disasters, the city's street lights and landscape lights have been damaged or stolen in the past four years, resulting in a loss of about 6 million yuan. In order to ensure the lighting rate, in the case that the street lamp of Beihai City has not been increased by one person in 14 years, in order to fill the blank of the inspection time, the leading team will take turns to conduct inspections in a timely manner to detect the lighting failure as soon as possible. According to the 100-day rectification action plan, the winter street light switch time is now implemented. The main road opening time is uniformly adjusted by the monitoring center. The secondary roads, small streets and alleys, and community street light switch time are checked and adjusted by the maintenance team one by one to ensure the city. The street lights are basically turned on and off on time. From December 5th to January 5th, 2015, the second phase of the trapping and filling work will be carried out to ensure that the street lighting facilities are in good condition. From January 5th to February 5th next year, the final sprint will be carried out to ensure that the lighting rates of small streets and main roads reach 96 and 98 respectively.

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