Benefit from the development of automation technology, man-machine security collaboration is no longer a dream

Benefit from the development of automation technology, man-machine security collaboration is no longer a dream

As robots become more and more popular as a viable and effective option in factories, because they cannot recognize the existence of nearby humans, it is still a challenge to ensure that they can work shoulder to shoulder with humans. If someone enters their work area, the robot will cause great damage. Finding the right application may be difficult, but it is also imperative. In general, traditional robots operate in the fence, and humans cannot interact with it. Cooperative robots, depending on the application, may partially or fully interact with human workers because the sensors will warn the robots to reduce their speed and torque to a safe range.

Traditionally, both the protected robot and the cooperative robot have their own characteristics and their roles in the factory are different from each other. But with security software and sensor technology, some traditional robots can be designed to achieve the same effect as collaborative robots. Due to the limitations of the development of software and technology, and the traditional robots are separated from humans during operations, it is incredible that human-machine cooperation should be done before.

Due to the increased reliability of security scanners and robot safety systems, the use of semi-cooperative sub-devices has become increasingly popular. These applications allow traditional industrial robots to be used as collaborative robots and achieve the same effect. In addition, its payload and speed have been increased and cost reductions have been achieved.

The development of science and technology has also changed the layout and use of factories. High-speed vision systems and lidar sensors can minimize or eliminate the traditional robot fence. This better realizes the visualization of the factory. Therefore, the equipment can be placed at a closer distance, humans can work with the robot more easily, and problems can be solved quickly once they occur.

In the past few years, we have a clearer understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of humans and robots. Although robots and independence are reliable and can be produced continuously, they still cannot think like humans will solve problems. The true partnership between man-machine can achieve the best manufacturing process. The combination of the two combines the continuity and productivity of robots and automation with the ability to think and solve problems, instinctively dealing with changes. Recent technological and security developments are making this concept a reality, not a fantasy. (Source: OFweek Gongkong)

Benefit from the development of automation technology, man-machine security collaboration is no longer a dream

PVC Modifier

Acrylic Impact Modifier

Acrylic impact modifier is a core-shell type of copolymer consisted of rubbery core (Butyl acrylate) and glass shell which is compatible with PVC, rubbery core transfers the external impact energy into heat and grafted shell provides perfect compatibility of impact modifier with PVC matrix, therefore it shows excellent impact-strength, weather-resistance and color durability under long-period exposure to outdoor conditions.

Acrylic Impact Modifier

MBS Impact Modifier ProMBS - MIP Series

Impact modifier MIP Series is the tercopolymer of methyl methacrylate(M), butadiene(B),styrene(S) , mainly used in the process of PVC products. It is higher impact strength compared with AIM & CPE impact modifier ,and better transparency.

Our product classification :

-- Semi-transparency or opaque product : MIP-0701 ,MIP-0702(opaque film and sheet,pipes, fittings and profiles,injection molded parts)

-- Transparent product : MIP-T801 ,MIP-T802 ,MIP-T803(film/sheet/containers,Blow or injection molded articles,Suction plastics)

MBS Impact Modifier

PVC Impact Modifier -CRA

CRA is our unique PVC impact modifier developed by our R&D Center, which is an interpenetrating network copolymer (IPN),Its main function is to enhance the impact strength of PVC finished products under low temperature and to promote the fusion property of PVC blend. It can endow the best impact-resistance and toughness to PVC final products than other PVC impact modifiers. In addition CRA series have better weatherability owing to it has not any chemical double bond. CRA series are insoluble in water and ethanol, but soluble in acetone and chloroform


(1)CRA-01M:replace opaque MBS

(2)CRA-02A:replace AIM(acrylic impact modifier)

(3)CRA-03CA:replace CPE+PA +AIM(acrylic impact modifier) with less dosage

(4)CRA-04CP:replace CPE+PA(processing aid) with less dosage

(5)CRA-05C: replace 100% CPE with less dosage

PVC Impact Modifier

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