Built-in 10 liquid sensors to keep the new Retina MacBook Pro away from liquids

About Apple's new Retina MacBook Pro, a time focused on many consumers' eyes, except when the Retina MacBook Pro can be officially sold on the mainland, there is the configuration and performance of the Retina MacBook Pro itself.

The new Retina MacBook Pro is more prominent is the total built-in 10 liquid sensors, including the body shell can be seen directly after the removal, but also covered by cables or components of the sensor. Since it is a liquid level sensor, it is mainly used to sense whether there is liquid directly in contact. When the equipment is used in the environment in the specified temperature and humidity, these sensors do not change color, and they will give an indication when the liquid is touched.

The new Retina MacBook Pro has 10 liquid sensors installed, which means that when you buy it, don't put the liquid next to the computer. If you accidentally spill the liquid, then the internal parts of the fuselage fit tightly together. The new Retina It is undoubtedly a disaster. These sensors will also become the best basis for Apple technicians to check whether they meet the warranty requirements. Therefore, do not place liquids next to the new Retina MacBook Pro easily.

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