Bulk feed carrier basic maintenance skills

In recent years, the development speed of all kinds of special-purpose transport vehicles in China is very fast. As the market refinement continues to deepen, the automotive industry has also derived special transport vehicles that meet the needs of different markets. As a kind of such transport vehicle, the bulk feed carrier plays an important role in the process of loading and unloading, and this kind of transport vehicle is often in a state of full load, so it is very important to pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle. Necessary, especially for the basic maintenance of the vehicle engine is more critical, which will directly determine the life of the bulk feed truck!


The first basic maintenance technique is to clean up the engine compartment of the vehicle. Most of the time, the bulk feed carrier is on the road to transport the feed, even in more complex weather. Therefore, there is often more stoppage of dust in the engine room. Once the dust accumulated on the engine is not cleaned in time, the normal operation of the engine will be affected.

The second basic maintenance technique is to form a good driving habit. The driver's driving habits and the service life of the engine are closely related. Therefore, the formation of a good driving habit is also a key part of the basic maintenance of the engine. For example, the vehicle must pay more attention to the shifting problem when uphill and downhill, and grasp the acceleration of the uphill and downhill slopes so that the engine can be effectively protected and the fuel consumption can also be reduced. Moreover, after the vehicle is traveling at a high speed, it is necessary to be careful not to turn off the engine immediately. Otherwise, the damage to the engine is very large, and even the bearing and the shaft may be damaged.

The third maintenance technique is to maintain the internal cleanliness of the engine and often clean the crankcase of the engine. This effectively prevents dust from entering the interior and causing wear. And timely replacement of the engine with suitable oil, which is one of the most effective way to reduce wear. After mastering these three basic maintenance techniques, you can ensure that the bulk feed truck engine operates in a better environment!

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