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Last week, Cadillac's first domestically-added new car ATS-L with extended wheelbase was officially launched. Shanghai GM, who played at home, spent a million yuan on the Shanghai Bund to set up a cool stage for the debut of the new car, and the various driving tasks of the "L" concept are also intensifying one to the media and dealers present. Concept - this time Cadillac became more Chinese by lengthening the wheelbase.
Yes, in terms of brand, channel, marketing and service factors, in terms of the product itself, the ATS-L with a price of 280,800 yuan to 448,800 yuan, from the perspective of the manufacturer's guidance price, is the same as the mainstream Aobao Ben. Compared with the grade products, it does have a certain "cost-effective" advantage. But if you factor in other factors and the margins of competitors' market terminals, ATS-L's unique selling point may not be clear.
It is undeniable that the introduction of the extended wheelbase version of ATS has given Cadillac a support point in the compact high-end B-class market, and it may be expected to grab more cakes in this segment. Impulse, it is Shanghai GM to brush out the key measures of Cadillac's presence in luxury brands. The internal statement from Shanghai GM is that the new ATS-L will bring at least 2.5-3 million new sales to Cadillac in one year.
Compared with the sales report of the old version of the ATS that has not been extended for more than one month, ATS-L will double the sales on this basis. If the above objectives are achieved, this will effectively improve Cadillac's existing product structure, relying heavily on the SUV product and the high-end C-class XTS. Of course, it can effectively attract more young consumers after the 80s.
From last year to the first half of this year, Cadillac has been rushing at a high or near 60% growth rate, becoming one of the few strong growth players in the high-end car market. According to the plan released by the general public, Cadillac will sell 100,000 new cars in China in 2015, and will account for 10% of the luxury car market in China by 2020. In the end, Cadillac will realize the global competition pattern of "compliance" between China and the United States. .
To this end, Cadillac will launch four new models in the year, in addition to the domestic ATS-L, including the new CTS, the new generation of large luxury SUV Escalade and the ELR electric coupe.
In the face of well-designed blueprints, Cadillac has long been called to become the "fourth luxury brand in China's auto market," and its future prospects in China are undoubtedly optimistic. However, it is not difficult to find out against ABB's first-line camp. Cadillac wants to truly lead the second-tier luxury car camp in China. There are still many practical obstacles in the “segment position”, and these obstacles may not be easy to detect in the initial stage of brand impulse, but they exist.
The initial impulse may not be noticeable, but it does exist.
First of all, in the brand, Cadillac has a wide range of visibility, but it always lacks an "affinity" to close target customers.
The author believes that this and Cadillac only copy the "higher" positioning of the American-style luxury car brand, and rarely try to interpret its own brand connotation with a more localized technique or language. In contrast, whether it is the forerunner Aobao Ben or a rising star such as Volvo and Infiniti, after entering China, how to base on the local market "second interpretation" brand connotation, and try hard.
Secondly, in terms of products, Cadillac's relatively weak product line and the new product launching rhythm of the global business layout have also greatly restricted Cadillac's development in China. Compared with the Lexus entering the Chinese market in the same period, Cadillac, which has also worked in the Chinese market for ten years, has a clear gap in terms of sales volume, product lineup and channel outlets.
Taking the product line as an example, in the overseas market, Cadillac can only wait until 2015 to launch the first D-class product to counter the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S, Audi A8L and Lexus LS series, which has affected its performance to some extent. The luxury of the brand. In the Chinese market, the intermittent product line introduction plan, the product structure with unclear gradient, also makes consumers unable to form a unified cognition.
Finally, in terms of organizational structure, Cadillac's position within Shanghai GM is not as independent as Audi's FAW-Volkswagen. Although Cadillac is nominally an independent luxury car brand, it is largely like Shanghai GM's Buick products. In addition to the addition of a higher-end product sequence. Based on the interests of the joint venture company, the focus of the Cadillac business is to sell products rather than brands.
To change the status quo, the parent company needs to re-examine Cadillac's established China strategy.

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