Candy Packaging Machinery Development Trend Analysis

Candy Packaging Machinery Development Trend Analysis

The outer packaging of candy can not only protect the candy from the contamination of microorganisms and dust, but also improve the health and safety of the product. The exquisite product packaging can also increase the consumers' desire to purchase and the value of the goods. There is still a big gap between the packaging level of sweets and chocolates in China and developed countries. The main problems are the low level of packaging equipment, fewer types of packaging materials, and low packaging quality. To narrow this gap, only take the road of technological innovation, so the domestic candy, chocolate packaging should be towards the packaging machine's high-speed automation, one machine versatility and packaging design direction.

Candy packaging form

At present, the domestic packaging formats for confectionery and chocolate include kink-type packaging, pillow-type packaging, and foldable packaging. Kink-type packaging is the oldest form of packaging. This type of packaging is mostly used for confectionery, not only through high-speed, automated packaging machines, but also through manual operations. Pillow-type packaging is popular in the world in the 1970s. Domestically, it has become popular since the 1980s. Due to the popularity of pillow packaging machines, most candy and chocolate manufacturers currently use pillow packaging. The foldable packaging is mostly used for chocolate products, and the candy is suitable for packaging in rolls, strips, and packages. This type of packaging has higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials.

Trend Analysis of Candy Packaging

In recent years, domestic candy technology experts have made gratifying achievements in the introduction of cooperation and independent innovation. In the field of candy equipment, the company has introduced the production line of inflatable toffee, automatic jelly-sugar line, ultra-thin-film instant vacuum cooking unit, and cotton candy production line; packaging machinery There are single kink packaging machines, folding packaging machines, high-speed pillow package machines and so on. In the chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional color chocolate pouring lines, chocolate composite products automatic lines, chocolate extrusion lines, chocolate fast refining machines and so on.

Multi-functionality is an important trend in the development of new equipment. Because candy varieties are numerous and updated quickly, the requirements of manufacturers for equipment are versatile and adaptable. Such as the newly developed automatic line of chocolate composite products has the versatility of producing confectionery, composite chocolate and coating products. In the whole line production, high-quality compound chocolates with various sugar cores and different stacks can be produced. For example, only front-end molding parts can be used to produce rectangular varieties such as nougat, taffy, Swiss sugar, and toffee, etc. Using the back-end coating part, it can adapt to the surface coating requirements of various products.

In addition, the newly introduced devices are mostly using new technologies such as servo motors and photoelectric tracking to greatly improve their automatic control capabilities. Such as chocolate composite products automatic line, the entire line is composed of nearly 20 units, due to the differences in the process requirements of different varieties, not only the problem of the adjustment of the units themselves, but also the speed coordination between the units in the process of operation, the unit uses a The total frequency converter controls the frequency converter of each unit.

Manufacturers of candies and chocolates generally require high-speed, automated packaging machines for the packaging of standardized products in order to pursue economies of scale in the optimization of packaging costs. Therefore, in recent years, packaging machine manufacturers have developed high-speed, automated candies and chocolate packaging machines that are suitable for different types of products, such as traditional pillow-type packaging and some kink packaging machines that are suitable for double-kink products. In this type of packaging machine, manufacturers have adopted the latest technology, such as servo motor, photoelectric tracking, high-speed video, etc., in order to achieve the performance of the packaging machine. At present, there are high-speed pillow type hard candy packaging machines with 1500-2000 capsules per minute. High-speed chocolate pillow packers should be developed from the point of view of equipment and cold air packaging films to achieve high speed without affecting the quality of the inner chocolate products. In addition, the automatic transfer, sorting, emergency stop, and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected to the chocolate packaging machine are also widely used. Second, for non-standard or seasonal products, packaging machines should be designed to be flexible, lightweight, and compact. This type of device does not pursue speed, but seeks individualized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the unique packaging design can also cater to the competition of commodities, innovate constantly, and give people the effect of visual impact. For example, the bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market is more suitable for the consumer psychology of young people because of the improvement of packaging, and the products are very popular.

In short, the packaging form of candy and chocolate should be determined by the market, and the packaging technology should be determined by the product characteristics. If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, then the form of packaging should be attractive, and the design of high-end, such as paper, wood or metal boxes are selected. For mass consumer products, the form of packaging should be relatively simple. For example, the packaging of pillow-type pouches is favored by merchants. Its form is simple, the technology is mature, the packaging efficiency is high, and the price is low. In addition, some products use the packaging technology should also depend on the characteristics of the product itself.

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