·Car network interconnection is eyeing the 100 billion car networking market

Do you always like to brake? How is the response speed to the red light... These driving behaviors will be promptly fed back to the mobile phone after being professionally evaluated, and the corresponding correction suggestions will be given; if you forget to close the door, the corresponding App application on the mobile phone will Timely reminders, as well as security warnings for vibration, ignition and displacement, can also be remotely monitored by mobile phones. The information on the depth of the entire system and the annual medical report are also provided... The source of this information is from Beijing. Car Network Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Car Network Interconnect") launched a smart car networking product - Le Box, a hardware box with a length and width of no more than 10 cm and a corresponding mobile app. .
The Internet of Vehicles is the mobile Internet of Things. It refers to the use of in-vehicle electronic sensing devices to enable vehicles and roads, vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and people, vehicles and cities through mobile communication technologies, car navigation systems, intelligent terminal devices and information network platforms. Real-time networking between the two, to achieve information interconnection, and thus effective monitoring, scheduling, and management of the vehicle, people, things, roads, locations, etc. network system.
A study by Cisco showed that if you use the Internet of Vehicles, the loss can be reduced by 35%, and the cost of $58 can be reduced every year, including the cost of the owner after the collision is removed, as well as public security management, camera and illegal fees.
In the view of Zhang Chunhui, chairman of the vehicle network interconnection, the car networking is essentially an information integration process. Who can integrate more useful information into place and bring benefits to the final customer and other roles in the industry chain? Who is the core competition? Powerful car networking.
From the success of GM Onstar to BlackBerry QNX occupying a broad share of in-vehicle systems; from the home appliance brand TCL launched Kang Ti Cartel products to graphics card manufacturers NVIDIA exited the mobile phone market, specializing in car networking. At the moment, car manufacturers, technology giants, mobile e-commerce, and start-ups have all sniffed business opportunities. According to the Analysys think tank, the market size of China's car networking will exceed 150 billion yuan by 2015.
Chunhui founded a media-based enterprise, and it was also a developer who entered the real estate industry earlier in Guangzhou. In 2007, he and his classmate Huang Wei’s re-starting business was a hit with his words.
Because he likes cars and has certain expectations for the car service experience, Zhang Chunhui always believes that drivers should have the corresponding services in addition to the services they deserve in the car. At that time, both of them were very optimistic about the development prospects of the Internet of Vehicles industry. They believed that the Internet of Vehicles could add functional applications to the mobile Internet. From the user's driving experience to the road conditions of urban traffic, there will be subversive changes.
Huang Wei’s sharpness in technological innovation and Zhang Chunhui’s ability to complement business development, they try to integrate mobile, positioning, cloud computing technologies, etc., to aggregate the resources of the automotive industry chain with mobile networks, and continue to communicate with operators and car companies. Wait for deep cooperation. When their peers were killed in the Red Sea, which was sold on GPS terminals, the two had focused on the application and operation of IoT technology.
Zhang Chunhui admits that in the past six years, a large number of companies producing car-related products or providing related services have fallen, whether it is from the previous after-sales service, maintenance, beauty decoration or after the traditional projects such as GPS, car smart terminals and other products. .
Zhang Chunhui feels that the reason for this failure lies in the judgment and grasp of technology and market. “In the beginning, we mainly provided services for vehicles, including analysis of data and information collected through hardware terminals, and provided relevant information for car manufacturers or 4S stores.” At the beginning of 2007, the market had another big background. That is to say, the car safety environment is very poor, theft accidents frequently occur, the market lacks anti-theft security products, and the car network interconnection aimed at this market demand point has developed a product for theft prevention, and has opened the door for cooperation with China Mobile.
With the rise of smart phones and tablet terminals, the addition of mobile Internet and the rise of the concept of Internet of Things have enriched the connotation of car networking to a certain extent, and the gameplay after cross-industry is obviously more.
According to Zhang Chunhui, it took five years before and after the launch of the Lecheng box. In the first three years, the team was immersed in research and development, and the next two years were in cooperation with various industry users. In Zhang Chunhui's view, the R&D technology of this product is not difficult. The difficulty lies in how to ensure stability, such as whether it can meet the requirements of stable operation in a temperature environment with a large drop. “The most important thing about this product is to provide driving safety. It helps the car owner to correct the driving habits while realizing anti-theft and surveillance. Therefore, the premise is that the product itself must improve safety and not have a negative impact on the car.”
Not only that, in the research and development of the product, Zhang Chunhui did not use it as a simple hardware at first. On the contrary, for him, the demand and resources of the automotive aftermarket service were mobilized through a hardware product. Final goal.
“In the entire ecological chain of the Internet of Vehicles, map dealers, car manufacturers, mobile operators, content providers, distributors, insurance companies, and maintenance companies are all part of the industrial chain, relying on hundreds of thousands and millions of users. Data analysis and interpretation can easily integrate these components to form a traditional automotive aftermarket service platform."
According to Zhang Chunhui, the upgraded version of the Lecheng box has been developed, and will be extended to remote switch windows, air conditioners, remote start vehicles and other functions, in order to truly realize the complete ecological chain of the vehicle.
On October 23 last year, it was an important day for Zhang Chunhui. The China Securities Regulatory Commission listed company's M&A and restructuring review committee passed the application for the share exchange of Chess Internet and Beijing Rongzhilian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rongzhilian”). The car network interconnection has completed a key step in the capitalization process.
Rongzhilian is a company that provides data center solutions and services. For Zhang Chunhui, the biggest significance of this move is that it can further deepen synergies in cloud computing, big data technology and products.
This is exactly what Zhang Chunhui is most valued. "Traditionally, everyone thinks that the barriers to the Internet of Vehicles are technology, but we are more concerned with the accumulation of industry experience and resources. It is not difficult to obtain data, but for different industries, analyze the applications that these data can generate for users. It is necessary to continue to try and analyze, analyze and persevere in order to grasp." He said, "One thing that has been done in the past few years is to integrate all the data related to automotive services into the big data service platform. To achieve the analysis of each user's data, or to conduct an integrated analysis of the user community."
In Zhang Chunhui's view, this cooperation has strengthened the data analysis capabilities of the vehicle network interconnection. Based on the results of these data analysis, it can be fed back to industry users, enabling industry users to optimize products based on vehicle owner data. For example, the insurance industry can tailor customer requirements. Designing more targeted insurance products, car manufacturers can even put the confidence of these data into the R&D design of their new models.
At present, Vehicle Network and Rongzhilian have cooperated in various fields, including participation in the construction of smart Internet regional IoT platform and cloud computing center; cooperation in building vehicle network operation platform, and monitoring and research on the national medical service price system of the Ministry of Health. Network, medical service new payment system reform hospital information system construction; use satellite data processing to provide value-added services for the industry and build a cloud computing platform based on location services.
However, Zhang Chunhui emphasized that the premise of carrying out these businesses is to make innovative breakthroughs according to the actual capabilities of the enterprises. He bluntly told the reporter of China Business News that the lack of talent in the industry is the biggest bottleneck that hinders the development of enterprises. "The Internet of Vehicles itself spans multiple industries. The requirements for talents are compound. They must not only understand communication and software development, but also understand the mobile Internet, automobiles, and even the needs analysis. It is necessary to have a strong car networking industry. Understanding and integration capabilities.” He said that the ecosystem of the Internet of Vehicles industry is still in the early stages of development and requires industry companies to build together, and the market is really mature or it will take another five years.

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