Care when car washing

Many of my friends like to wash their family's car on weekends with their loved ones and children. They also wash their cars and have a good time with their family. It looks like a wonderful time, but is your method of car washing correct? Is there any wrong way to hurt your car? Xiao Bian here to talk about the car wash when the note:

The best choice for car washing is in the evening or early morning. Do not wash the vehicle under strong sunlight. Because the water droplets in the car get hotter in the sunlight, the car paint will lose luster. Do not wash the hood if there is temperature, otherwise the engine will age prematurely.

We must treat different stains differently. When cleaning the body of the vehicle, we must spray with the scattered water. Remember not to use high-pressure water like the 10t sprinkler. The water pressure will cause damage to the paintwork of the car body. If there is solidified dirt on the body, it should be soaked in water for a while, rinsed with water, and scrubbed with a soft towel. This avoids damage to the varnish of the vehicle. If you encounter oil stains, you can wipe it with a towel or petrol or kerosene, and then apply the polishing paste to the place where you rubbed it, so that your car will be observed as it was.

For the cleaning of the car I have to be more careful. We use a clean rag when cleaning the center console. Neutral detergent and clear water. The neutral detergent here can remove some hard-to-wipe stains on the center console, and it won't be the interior of the Shanghai car. If the detergent is used improperly, it will cause the color of the center console to fall off. For some hard-to-clean details of the center console we can wipe it off with a cotton swab. The instrument panel must use soft rags and special detergents. If the instrument panel on the instrument panel is scratched, it will not be intuitive to know the information such as the hourly speed and the amount of oil.

The most important thing for cleaning vehicles is to avoid damage to the car's paint. This damage is not just a scratch. We should also pay attention to the car paint's degree of closeness. In order to ensure the quality of the car paint, we must regularly make vehicles. The finish is polished. The above is a brief introduction of Xiao Bian's attention to the car wash. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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