Changzhou pioneer TWG seasoning granulation drying production line passed provincial appraisal

The "TWG-type flavouring granulation drying production line" developed by Changzhou Pioneer Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has recently passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements and the identification of new products in Jiangsu Province. Experts believe that the combined heating and cooling technology of the production line is the first in China and the main technical indicators of the machine have reached the domestic advanced level. The application of the production line has positive significance in improving the seasoning capacity, simplifying the production process, and saving energy and reducing consumption.
It is reported that the TWG type flavouring granulation drying production line developed by Changzhou Vanguard Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. can be widely used in the mixing, granulation, and drying classification of seasoning ingredients such as chicken essence, mushroom essence, seafood essence, bread crumbs, solid beverages, and soy sauce powder. Up to the production line of the finished product packaging. The basic purpose of the research and trial production of this production line is to solve the technical problems in the current industry, such as the lag in the technology of the production equipment of the seasoning, the cumbersomeness of the process, and the inability of the hygiene requirements to reach the standards.
The use of traditional equipment for the production of seasonings such as chicken essence has many disadvantages, such as single machine dispersion, large equipment area, dispersive single-unit batch operation process, and serious cross-contamination between people and logistics, and it is difficult to meet the technical requirements and production efficiency of food clean production. low. The TWG seasoning granulation drying line incorporates a number of technologies such as mixing, granulation, drying, and grading and screening. When used for the production of seasonings such as chicken essence, it has a large production capacity, a small footprint, and a simplified process. Link, reduce the operation of human resources, energy saving advantages. The production line adopts automatic loading and unloading and closed process flow to avoid cross-contamination of people and logistics in the production process, and meets the relevant hygienic requirements of national food production.
The drying machine of the TWG-type flavouring granulation drying production line adopts the mechanism of dynamic continuous dynamic drying to achieve the requirements of large-scale production; the application of the hot-air flow-through circulation technology is conducive to further saving energy consumption, and the traditional vibrating fluidized bed production. Compared with equipment, the production capacity can be increased by 40%, energy consumption can be saved by 30%, and the finished product granularity rate (Φ0.8mm-2.0mm) can be increased by 50%. It has high practicality and economical efficiency, and is currently relatively domestic The ideal equipment for the production of seasonings such as chicken essence.
The technical plan of the production line is determined on the basis of a thorough investigation of the market, soliciting opinions from users, and earnestly listening to the relevant expert advice. In view of the fact that seasonings such as chicken essence have low melting point and heat-sensitive characteristics, the drying host of the production line combines the initial moisture content of the material, the heat exchange of heat, and the moisture distribution of the moisture to determine the heating mode and the material in continuous motion. The residence time in the drying section. In order to achieve the purpose of continuous production and industrial production, the production line integrates integrated technologies such as mixing, wet granulation, continuous motion drying, cooling, and finished product grading and screening, and it is composed of industrial machines through the coordination and cooperation among various machines. Continuous production line.
The TWG type flavouring granulation drying production line developed by Changzhou Vanguard Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has been used by many units such as Shanghai Guanshengyuan Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dashan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Shandong Fengxiang Group Co., Ltd., and has achieved good results.

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