Cheng Yuan, Li Anding Inspecting China's Automobile Industry

After China's accession to the WTO, it has gone through a stable period of five years. The automotive industry, which is closely related to people, has also experienced rapid development for five years. In the past five years, a wide variety of automobiles have entered China. The fierce competition of joint ventures has brought more and more benefits to consumers. China’s autonomous auto companies are also developing and growing. More and more Chinese private car dreams have become reality.

Accompanied by the convergence of the Chinese auto industry and the world auto industry, the news events of the auto industry have recorded the extraordinary path we have taken. Once again, the top ten news selections of Sina Motors have also been carried out for the fifth year, revisiting the trajectory of these news events, and we can gain from them and get inspired.

At 15:00 on December 21, 2006 (Thursday), Sina Automotive invited senior reporters from the automotive industry to visit Sina. They were: Auto China, a major reporter of the China Youth Daily, and Li Anding, a senior reporter of the Xinhua News Agency. Carry on the five-year development of the auto industry after entering the WTO and talk about the annual news events. The following is a chat record.

Moderator: Sina netizen Hello everyone, this afternoon guest Sina car is the China Youth Daily Auto moderator Mr. Yuan Yuan, and Xinhua News Agency senior reporter Mr. Li Anding. Our topic today is China's five years of accession to the WTO, and the automobile industry has gone through five years. Let's review it today, and we will review it through news events of Sina Automobile's Ruifeng Cup News. First of all, I would like to ask Prof. Cheng to introduce some changes that have taken place in China's auto industry since entering the WTO.

Cheng Yuan: This is a big problem. It can be said that China's autos have undergone earth-shaking changes during the five-year accession to the WTO. This seems to be a cliché. Actually, this is actually the case. Recently, on the eve of China's accession to the WTO, various media outlets have reported on this issue. In particular, almost all print media and special editions have been published in the print media, and many articles have been written in large numbers. I think that the biggest feature in the five years after China’s accession to the WTO should be changing people’s perceptions and changing concepts. Because before joining the WTO, people always feel very terrible. After the accession to the WTO, Chinese cars would be vulnerable and then they would be defeated and even defeated. Completely collapsed.

However, with the approach of the WTO, everyone's emotions have subsided. In fact, on the eve of China's accession to the WTO, everyone is already not so pessimistic about the situation. However, they still did not expect to think in five years. Everyone said a lot, and I will not list them here. One of the first is that everyone was frightened by the accession to the WTO and became a favorite. After all, we found that this role of promoting China’s auto industry and auto industry has become more and more obvious. At that time, we only had more than three million vehicles. This year we may have Breakthrough 7 million vehicles. This is a big year and a five-year period, and this year it is possible to cross six or seven million steps, so the large increase in this output makes the market supply very adequate. At the Beijing Auto Show, 81 brands were exhibited, and it was reported that there were only 38 Auto Shows in Detroit. Now many multinational companies believe that the Chinese auto market is the most competitive market in the world, and all manufacturers have come, regardless of cars, sports cars, Anyway, all passenger cars come, and even large-scale commercial vehicles come in quite the same way. So now China's auto market is a market with the most intense competition, and its products are very rich. In that case, it is a boon to the vast number of consumers. Everyone knows that the result of competition is first of all to benefit consumers. One is the decline in prices. Now we can say that quite a lot of our car prices are already very close to international prices. Now, some economic vehicles or vehicles with lower grades are actually Multinational companies have failed to do so and have become an advantage of the Chinese automotive industry. Four years ago I wrote an article that was still very pessimistic. As a ridiculous statement, when did Chinese cars have been anti-dumped? I did not expect this incident to come so fast. In fact, last year our car's exports have caused some fear abroad. So I think one is a large increase in production, a large variety of varieties, making consumers more and more selective, and cheap, affordable, this I think may be the biggest gain since the accession to the WTO.

Moderator: Mr. Cheng just made some changes to the automotive industry in the past five years, whether it is for the majority of consumers to bring some benefits, or from the automotive industry as a whole to carry out a brief review of the status quo. In addition, the selection of news of the Sina Automobile Ruifeng Cup has also been accompanied by five years of entry into the WTO. During this five-year period, there have been some major news events that have attracted people's attention. There are also some new terms. We can make a review.

Since today there may be some traffic jams, now sitting at my right is the senior reporter of the Xinhua News Agency, Mr. Li Anding, who welcomes you.

Li Anding : Thank you.

Moderator : Just now we followed up with Cheng Cheng and reviewed some of the roads that China’s autos had taken in the five years since the accession to the WTO and made a brief review. The following would like to ask Mr. Li to briefly talk about the profound changes that have taken place in China's auto industry in the past five years and have left a deep impression on you.

Li Anding: Because I didn’t hear Cheng’s insights right now, I might say that there are duplications, because everyone’s point of view is very clear. The opportunities that China’s accession to the WTO has brought to China’s autos are what we expected and unexpected. I I think the reason why China's five-year auto market is developing at a high speed is that considering this factor from our domestic point of view, it is a change in philosophy. Our 50-year-old car cannot be enjoyed by the common people. The time was opened almost at the same time. The state mentioned in the Central Government's proposal for the 10th Five-Year Plan that there was a private car consumption. Many young people do not realize that from the beginning of liberation, Chinese private car consumption was banned until 1983. Including official vehicles, people below the county level can only take a jeep and have no right to a car. When it is time to open up again, there is no market for re-entry, and there is no such good situation. Therefore, it was a change in China's five-year history that the ban was opened, allowing cars to enter the family, and even encouraging the private consumption of cars. An important factor in the explosive growth of China’s auto market over the past five years is that it is an open globalization that has caused all auto companies in China and in the world to develop in an environment of equal competitive market; the second is the market. The opening up, this kind of opening is ideologically imprisoned and canceled, and simple, single bus consumption has become the consumption of the common people and the general public. That is, the people have the right to own cars. In fact, I think the significance is also not to be underestimated. Otherwise, if there is not such a large automobile market in China, all of our preconditions will not be realized.

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