China's LED lighting market standards lag behind innovation ability

After the LED lighting experienced a big red and purple, many dealers have experienced the current situation of losing money, and even intend to launch the lighting market. In the face of the sluggish lighting market, many dealers are very puzzled. Why can't customers come to the customer when the profit of the product is already so low? What is the reason for the market downturn? What is the reason that dragged down the LED market? It is understood that the LED standard has been issued a total of 111 LED lighting standards, of which 36 national LED standards, 8 national LED standards have been drafted and are being drafted, the proposed national LED standard is 20 item. A total of 56 LED industry standards have been issued, and a total of 19 LED local standards have been issued. However, colleagues in the LED industry in the depths still clearly feel that the standard lags behind the development of products. This is mainly due to the development of LED technology, the rapid replacement of products and the development of LED lighting from the initial substitution to the manufacture of products that meet the characteristics of LEDs. Related factors such as transformation. Generally speaking, many international standardization organizations have formulated various standards, which reflect the situation of giving full attention to standardization, but some of them have repeated and contradictory problems, especially some applications are influenced by traditional industries and standard technologies. The shackles and the existence of technical blind spots create standard unscientific problems. In addition, the non-standard industry standards are also likely to cause uneven quality in the industry. With the improvement of people's awareness of safety and environmental protection, especially the strengthening of ecological civilization construction, society has put forward higher requirements for safety and environmental protection. As an LED that is almost synonymous with environmental protection and energy conservation, how to make people feel safe and environmentally friendly has become a product competition. An important indicator. Therefore, it is necessary to rationally plan the content and process of LED standardization in China, and formulate national standards for LEDs suitable for China's national conditions, so that the standardization work is closely linked with the market, so that the LED standards can not drag the industry back, so that product quality does not drag the industry back. The lack of training in dealers is low. In some stores, some LED dealerships, storefront decoration is not standardized, there is no uniform, non-standard image and operation mechanism, and many products are placed in the same position, giving people more chaos. Low-end impression. In many stores, the reporter also saw that the clerk was eating, playing cards, and chatting at the store. These salesmen felt very amateur. As an emerging industry, many manufacturers and bosses have flocked in the past few years. Therefore, LED technology and product characteristics are in a state of ignorance, let alone systematic training for merchants and shopping guides. When the author asked a number of LED dealers, whether the company or the store had trained the sales staff, they said: Generally, when recruiting, they will choose to sell before, but because of the general treatment, it is often Most of the recruits are newbies, and some specific technical indicators of LED lights are difficult to train them. They can only briefly describe the characteristics of some products. When there are customers who want to know about it, we need our experienced dealers to explain. In addition, the technical indicators of LED lighting fixtures are relatively high, and various standards are varied. It is not easy for the purchaser to clearly remember the functions, features and usage methods of the products, and then introduce them to consumers clearly. The author asked some of the shopping guides on the spot and did not introduce the knowledge that I wanted. I don’t even know what my products are, but how can I make them pay for them? How can sales increase? Insufficient Innovation Capability The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council recently issued the “National New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020)” (hereinafter referred to as “Planning”). As a macroscopic, strategic and basic plan to guide the healthy development of urbanization in the country in the future, the “Planning” will have a positive effect on many industries including the LED industry. After the technological advancement and industrial upgrading accelerated, the cost of LED products decreased drastically, the application range of LED products continued to increase, and the market scale was expanding. In 3 to 5 years, the compound growth rate of LED lighting demand scale reached 30~40. Benefiting from demand initiation and policy promotion The driving force of the LED industry has changed from backlighting applications to lighting applications. From 2013 to 2016, the LED lighting penetration rate has increased from 10 to 50. Faced with such a great prospect, the company is rushing to expand production and grab orders. However, at present, the problem of insufficient innovation ability in the industry also exists in many enterprises. The market competitiveness and anti-risk ability of such enterprises are inevitably in the LED lighting market competition. At present, the lack of innovation ability of enterprises is reflected in three aspects: First, the enterprise's R&D investment is insufficient, the technological innovation capability is weak, and the achievement conversion rate is not high. Second, the original innovation and integrated innovation capabilities are not strong, the leading high-tech fields are weak in science and technology, the strategic emerging industries are developing slowly, and high-end products are dependent on imports. Third, the ability to efficiently allocate and integrate integrated resources is weak. It seems that under the bright market prospects, enterprises must focus on innovation and establish a brand if they want to seize the great opportunity.

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