China's Pesticide Processing and Auxiliary Application Technology Exchange Conference Held in Shandong

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The 2012 (4th) China Pesticide Processing and Auxiliary Application Technology Exchange Conference sponsored by China Drying Network News China Chemical News will be held on November 27-30 in Taian, Shandong. The meeting will focus on the application of new pesticide additives, research and development of environmental protection formulations and promotion of clean production technology and other hot issues.

It is understood that currently China's pesticide preparation enterprises are small and scattered, the level of automation is low, formulation formulas are extensive, and the cost of auxiliaries is high. The development of environment-friendly new dosage forms to replace the existing volatile aromatic hydrocarbon solvents has become an urgent problem to be solved. The seminar will invite government officials, industry experts and production equipment suppliers to give special reports on the latest formulation, processing technology and new special additives for pesticide formulations, and provide on-site guidance and solutions for end users.

The topics of the conference included research and development of high-content water-dispersible granule formulations, microcapsule suspension technology and applications, glyphosate wastewater treatment technology, and clean packaging of pesticide formulations.

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