China's single production capacity of the largest coal hydrogen plant starts

Recently, China's largest single-production hydrogen production plant started construction at Sinopec (600028) Maoming Petrochemical. The device uses the most mature coal gasification (000968) technology in the world to convert coal or coke raw materials into hydrogen, which can save 20% to 25% compared to traditional hydrogen production processes.
The 200,000 standard cubic meters/hour coal hydrogen production unit is one of the important supporting projects for the 20 million-ton refinery expansion and expansion project of Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical. It is reported that this set of coal hydrogen production unit uses the gasification process of the United States General Electric Energy Group to convert coal or coke raw materials into crude synthesis gas, and to produce hydrogen. The technology is currently applied in Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, and South Chemicals.
China's coal resources are relatively abundant, and hydrogen production from coal is the main form of hydrogen production in China at this stage. The hydrogen production technology of coal mainly includes two kinds of hydrogen production from coal coking and hydrogen production from coal gasification, and hydrogen production from gasification. Industry insiders believe that compared with the traditional oil route, fuel produced from coal to produce fuel cells has the highest energy efficiency. Taking into account the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the future, coal hydrogen production technology will be an important development and application direction.

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