Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yihua cooperate to establish a green chemical technology research and development center

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Haixi Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yihua Holding (China) Co., Ltd. have officially signed an agreement for research and production. Both parties reached an agreement on the establishment of green chemical technology R&D centers and the related conditions of cooperation projects. The R&D center will be dedicated to solve the bottleneck of production of chlorate, ADC foaming agent, hydrogen peroxide, chlor-alkali, fluorine chemical and downstream chemical industries, as well as major scientific and technological issues such as the green, clean and efficient use of industrial by-products.

According to reports, Yihua Holding (China) Co., Ltd. is one of China's specialty chemical suppliers, specializing in bleaching and disinfection chemicals and ADC foaming agents. Haixi Research Institute and its scientific research team vigorously carry out cooperation with enterprises and effectively support the transformation and upgrading of service companies.

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