Cold Shrink Cable Accessories

Advantages of the cold shrink technology: No special tools are required for installation. It is quick and easy to use. It is safe and reliable. It has a long-lasting mirror pressure on the cable body, with the cable "breathing", good sealing and waterproof, ensuring long-term reliable operation.

Shrinking technology: The product adopts the cold shrink technology, no need to touch the fire and special tools. When it is installed, only the core is removed, and the elastic body quickly shrinks and clamps on the required installation site.

Insulation is reliable, all raw materials are imported, and the silicone rubber used has excellent insulation and high recovery elasticity. It has a long storage time and will not cause any operational failure due to the respiration of the cable during installation.

Good sealability: All the products used are specially made special sealants to bond the joints to achieve an overall seal, and prevent and avoid operational accidents caused by the atmospheric environment.

Easy to install; no need to open fire, no heating, safe, reliable, save time and effort, a model for a variety of cable diameters, complete, without special tools, convenient and rapid construction and installation, automatic shrinkage automatic reset technology, easy installation does not flow sweat.

Clay Bar Series

Clay Bar Pad,Clay Pad For Car,Clay Bar Buffing Pad,Sgcb Clay Bar


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