Commonly used bottom pad materials and methods of use in domestic heap leaching production

At present, the materials and use of the bottom lining materials commonly used in domestic heap leaching production are roughly divided into:
1. Hot rolled asphalt is a better underlay for constructing a multi-use heap leaching field. The production method is as follows: a 50 mm thick asphalt layer is first laid on the compacted pile surface, followed by a rubber sealing layer and a layer of hot rolled asphalt having a thickness of 100 to 150 mm. This heap immersion field is strong enough to allow loading and unloading of a 6 cubic meter loader. However, due to the investment in the heap immersion field made of this bottom pad material, it is rarely used in China.
2. Concrete liners are more underlay materials used in permanent heap leaching sites. After the site was compacted, it was then flattened with masonry and compacted, followed by a 100 mm thick concrete layer. There should be expansion joints in the site, and the asphalt should be used to keep the surface smooth and crack-free. Although this kind of heap immersion field investment is more, it has sufficient strength and is easy to manufacture. It has certain applications in China.
3. Clay tailings can also be used as a bottom pad material. The tailings particle size of the bottom mat material - 400 mesh should account for more than 50%, and the coarse fraction is removed. Site production method: After the surface of the site is flat, a layer of gravel with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.4 m and a particle size of 10 to 15 mm is laid, and 150 mm thick clay tailings are placed on the mat and compacted. The clay tailings are then laid and compacted. Thus, the thickness of the clay tailing layer is about 0.4 m repeatedly, and the permeability of the compacted clay layer is ensured to be less than 10-9 to 10-10 m/sec. This kind of bottom pad material should be used carefully, otherwise it will cause a large amount of leaching solution to penetrate into the ground. This method is rarely used abroad.
4. Polyvinyl chloride soft plastic board, or bottom mat material composed of asphalt felt and agricultural plastic film. That is, on a flat and tamped pile surface, first lay a layer of finely crushed clay or fine river sand, and then flatten and compact. After that, the above bottom pad material can be laid. In order to prevent the material of the water-repellent layer of the bottom pad from being pierced by the edges of the ore, a layer of protective material is often laid on the material of the water-repellent layer.
The construction cost of such a heap immersion field is low, and the bottom pad material is easy to lay, and the domestic heart is generally applied.

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