CZM-4 proton magnetic prospecting instrument

The CZM-4 proton magnetic prospecting instrument is a high-sensitivity weak magnetic measuring device developed by the principle that the proton magnetic moment is freely precessed in the geomagnetic field. The magnetic field measurement accuracy is ±1nT and the resolution is up to 0.1nT, which is completely in line with the original. The requirements of the "High-precision magnetic measurement working procedures for the ground" issued by the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. Its unique large storage capacity, high resolution and flexibility are widely used as portable, mobile and base station magnetometers.

main feature

CZM-4 Proton Magnetic Prospecting Instrument The total field of the magnetic field is measured from 20,000nT to 100000nT. It can be used in any region of the world. It can be used for automatic or full harmonic matching. It can automatically measure the value of the geomagnetic field. It is especially convenient for users who know the local normal magnetic field value. Chinese operation interface, automatic data recording and storage, and real-time display of magnetic profile curve, easy to operate; random software can be used to smooth out the field measurement data, smoothing, daily correction, drawing profile curve and other related preprocessing, convenient The user evaluates the effect of the day's work indoors; USB2.0 communication interface makes the instrument transfer data to the computer more quickly; can be used for magnetic sample parameter determination; optional 1GB or 2GB data storage and a set of backup batteries for long time Magnetic measurement work requirements; external GPS receivers can be requested at the user's request to store the coordinate values ​​of the measurement points; the user can select the professional magnetic data processing software to draw contour maps, plane profiles, and positive and negative interpretations.

Main Specifications

Range of measurement: 20000nT ~ 100000nT

Resolution: 0.1nT

Range accuracy: ±1nT when the total field absolute intensity is 50000nT

Gradient tolerance: ≤5000nT/m

LCD dot matrix: 192x64

Data storage: no less than 8000 points of measurement data (more than 5 million readings when selecting large-capacity memory)

Working environment temperature: -15 ° C ~ +50 ° C

Working environment humidity: ≤95% (25°C)

Power: Lithium- ion battery: 12.8V ~ 16.8V / 5Ah, continuous operation for not less than 17 hours (in the daily change mode, the typical reading interval is 10 seconds)

Mainframe dimensions: (length × width × height): 220 × 90 × 200 (mm)

Host weight: 2Kg

Probe dimensions: φ74 × 150 (mm)

Probe weight: 0.8Kg

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