Dental Gear Transmission: June Transmission Output Hits New Heights

The “1234” labor competition of “Qingli achieves the annual goal” was promoted again by Qijiang Gear Co., Ltd.: In June, the output transmission assembly was 9,064 sets, which was a new monthly output of this year.

The first is to conduct in-depth competition activities and mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees. All units formulate and implement production guarantee measures and service measures in accordance with the company’s requirements for “achieveing ​​annual goals and accelerating the promotion of 1234” labor competition activities, and combining the activities of the “speaking development, righteousness, creating vanguard, and creating good results”. Deeply carry out publicity and education, stimulate all party members and employees to enter the labor competition with full work enthusiasm;

The second is to formulate measures to ensure the completion of the task. The Production Planning Department organized the relevant departments to carefully analyze the current production status according to the requirements of the company's special meeting, decomposed the production tasks, formulated the production guarantee measures, and implemented the responsible persons. According to the details of market orders, combined with production factors such as equipment and raw materials, the company carefully prepared and implemented the product production detailed plan, and clarified specific product varieties. At the same time, a production statistics daily report system was implemented to monitor the completion of production tasks by various units and to reflect the progress of production in a timely manner.

The employees of the Chaifang assembly plant are investing in the labor competition with full work enthusiasm

The employees of the Chaifang assembly plant are investing in the labor competition with full work enthusiasm

The third is to strengthen communication with customers. In order to do a good job in output, the company also strengthens communication and convergence with customers to accurately grasp demand information, strive for maximization of orders, strive to achieve balance between production and sales, and reduce the use of funds for finished goods;

The fourth is to strengthen the management of production organizations. Adhere to the weekly planning model, strengthen the control of parts production process, focus on the responsibility of the assembly to implement the decomposition, the specific time to complete the key components, the implementation of specific responsible units, specific responsible persons. The follow-up inspection of production schedules for key components such as fork flanges, copper dials, and PR73 cylinders has been implemented to effectively meet customer needs. Adhere to checking the schedule of the parts calendar every day, improve the production daily report system, and effectively control the production of parts according to plans. Focused on following up the output of AMT, multi-cassette, military products and other key difficulties, fully completed the customer's demand for order output, and ensured that the completion of the company's industrial output value target task by the municipal economic commission.

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