Detroit Auto Parts Industrial Park settled in Jiangsu Hai'an to invest USD 3 billion

Recently, the state-level Hai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Jiangsu-level Hai'an High-Tech Industrial Development Zone were unveiled at the same time in Hai'an, Jiangsu. Eighteen companies from the United States, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, France, South Korea and other countries and regions invested in Hai'an and signed a total of 76 projects with Chinese and foreign investors. Among them, Hai'an County Government signed a friendly cooperation agreement with Oakland County, USA, and Detroit's overseas economy. The development company plans to invest 3 billion U.S. dollars to build the Hai'an Detroit Auto Parts Industrial Park in Hai'an.

The Secretary of the CPC Hai'an County Party Committee, Shan Xiaoming, said that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Hai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone is well-established. It has a National Torch Program elevator components characteristic industrial base, a National Torch Program building materials equipment characteristic industrial base, and a provincial-level power equipment characteristic industrial park. In recent years, Hai'an has closely followed the development path of domestic first-class, world-leading, and blank-filled development, focusing on cultivating the characteristics of the equipment manufacturing sector, initially forming power transmission and transformation, building materials equipment, forging machinery, elevators and spare parts, automobiles and parts, and tracks. Eight characteristic industrial parks for transportation, agricultural machinery, and ships have become important equipment manufacturing bases in the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta.

Lu Weidong, head of Hai'an County, said that during the unveiling of the two major development zones, the Hai'an County People's Government signed a friendly cooperation agreement with the Oakland County of the United States. The Detroit Overseas Economic Development Company planned to invest US$3 billion in the Hai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone to build the Detroit Auto Parts in Hai'an, China. The industrial park is an important undertaking base for the transfer, expansion and upgrading of the global auto parts industry. A group of domestic high-tech companies also focused their attention on industrial upgrading investment to Hai'an. Shanghai Zhangjiang Changping Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd. decided to invest 3 billion yuan in Hai'an High-tech Zone to build the Hai'an Connected Vehicle Industry Park.

According to Matthew Berger, an assistant county governor of Oakland County in the Greater Detroit region of Michigan, the United States’ Detroit Overseas Economic Development Corporation decided to build the Hai'an Detroit Auto Parts Industrial Park in Hai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone. Park has been formed.

Shan Xiaoming said that local party committees and governments can only take the initiative in economic development if they actively and initiatively take the corporate body to participate in transformation and upgrading, with technology engines to drive transformation and upgrading, and with innovative services to ensure transformation and upgrading. To promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the economy and society, the development trend of “stabilizing China and taking a new step and climbing to new heights” has emerged.

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Cold Paint Road Line Marking Machine

Cold Paint Road Line Marking Machine

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