Diaphragm jig maintenance

The quality of the jig maintenance not only affects the life of the equipment, but also has a great impact on far-reaching effects. Due to the different types of jigs, its maintenance focus is also different. Here only the maintenance of the diaphragm jig is introduced. The key maintenance items are as follows:
First, strengthen the maintenance of moving parts
In addition to the installation of moving parts in accordance with the requirements, pay attention to refueling during operation. Regular maintenance is required to maintain the specified contact point of the moving parts. Do not overtighten or loosen. Care should be taken to keep the moving parts clean to avoid wear or rust.
Second, strengthen the maintenance of the screen
The quality of the screen directly affects the sorting effect of the jig. The screen should be installed smoothly and tightly. Always clean the screen to prevent blockage. When the screen wears out, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
Third, strengthen the maintenance of the diaphragm The separator of the jig is a rubber product, it should be flat and tight during installation, and it should not leak when it is agitated, and the diaphragm should be protected from damage. If the diaphragm is found to be damaged, repair or replace it in time.

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