Downward layered cement filling mining method for the Soviet Orlovsk copper-lead-zinc mine

The Orlovsk mine uses a down-stratified filling method due to the special fracture of the ore.
In the middle of the 7C 80m wide ore body, two layered roadways are excavated, and a 4m wide pillar is left between the two roadways. The recovery road is taken from the layered roadway to the upper or lower plate. The approach is to recover from the layered roadway 4°~5° downward to achieve the purpose of filling the top. Mining and mining with trackless equipment such as scrapers. After the end of mining, install the ф159mm filling pipe to the top plate of the road, and use a short wall (within 30m) to hit a partition wall. The long-distance road will be used to drive a partition wall every 20~30m. Each section will be charged for 4~5 hours. Then fill the outside of the road. Later, the method of improving the segmented borehole filling method was successful, and the filling cost per cubic meter could be reduced by 0.85 to 0.95 rubles (see Figure 1).

Fig.1 Lower stratified filling method of Orlovsk mine
A-7C Nugget
1-layered roadway; 2-filling pipeline; 3-temporary pillar; 4-back mining approach;
5-filling route; 6-sealed; b-improved filling process; 1~4-recovery layering;
5-closed wall; 6-filled hole; 7-ventilation hole; 8-bolt; 9-filled pipe; 10-layered roadway

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