Dragon Boat Festival Holiday: Traffic Police Assistant arrives at the drone to open the road monitoring mode

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] UAVs were first used in the military field. With the development, more and more are used in the civilian sector. Nowadays, the term aerial photography of drones has gradually ringed more and more people's doors and walked into our side, becoming a new world of photography after SLR and sports cameras. The drone is not only used in the college entrance examination, but also on the Dragon Boat Festival. It is also used to assist the traffic police to carry out road duty enforcement on the highways in the province.
Dragon Boat Festival Holiday: Traffic Police Assistant arrives at the drone to open the road monitoring mode
During the "Dragon Boat Festival" small holiday, the Sichuan Public Security (Weibo) traffic police will enable the drone to carry out road enforcement on the highways in the province. Including the use of drones to view road traffic congestion, fixed-point monitoring of highway traffic, to provide timely and accurate information support for the highway to block the smooth. The traffic police will also use drones to capture traffic violations such as emergency lanes.
Sichuan police traffic police reminded that in the event of traffic congestion, accidents and other emergencies, the highway emergency lane is the "life channel" for rescuing the wounded, quickly handling accidents and timely recovering traffic. Please consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations, and drive safely and safely. The traffic-intensive road sections should be lined up in order according to the order. Do not occupy the emergency lanes at will. For illegally occupying the emergency lane, a fine of 200 yuan will be imposed on it and a penalty of 6 points will be imposed.
(Original title: Dragon Boat Festival, Sichuan Traffic Police will use the drone to capture the emergency lane)

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