East China Water Meter Experts Meet in Ningbo to Discuss Intelligent Water Meter Development

[China Instrument Network Industry Focus] With the rapid development of microelectronics technology and the promotion of relevant national policies, the intelligentization of civilian measurement instruments will be an inevitable direction of development. People's living standards are continuously improving, and electricity and water consumption are gradually increasing. The aging of meters and lines leads to the waste of water and electricity, and the abuse of old-style water meters and meter readings has become increasingly prominent. The popularity of civilian smart meters is imperative. Many domestic water meter manufacturers are facing challenges and opportunities for transformation.

On December 10, 2014, the China Meter Association Water Meter Working Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Water Meter Working Committee) 2014 Southeast China Conference held in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Zhang Shihao, former chairman of the water meter working committee, former full-time deputy secretary-general Ye Xiancang, deputy chairman and leader of South East China Area Group Wang Zonghui, deputy chairman and deputy leader of South East China Area Group Lin Zhiliang, member Liu Jian, Secretary General Yao Ling, Li Hongwei, the full-time deputy secretary-general, and representatives of member units of the southeast China area attended the meeting.

The meeting reported on the completion of the 2014 work plan of the Water Metering Committee. The focus was on the interpretation of the standard “Requirements for Water Meter Manufacturing and Measurement Equipment License Examination”, and the article “Seizing the opportunity to meet the industry's leapfrog development” was introduced. The related contents of the water meter related technical dynamic briefings also collected opinions and suggestions of the member units on the committee and the secretariat, and heard introductions to the work of the water meter website, the bidding scheme of the website advertisement column, and the award scheme of the paper, and discussed how to better Improve the water meter website construction and other content.

In addition, the meeting recommended Hangzhou Shanke Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. to be a member of the fifth session of the Fifth Committee of the Water Metering Working Committee. According to statistics, Shanke Electronics was established in 1999 to provide stable and reliable smart water technology, products and services for water companies. With water-saving and energy-saving, smart water services, and smart instrumentation as guidance, combined with the inherent needs of water companies in saving water and reducing consumption, safe water supply, Shanke Electronics’ main products are intelligent automatic meter reading system and water supply instrument real-time monitoring and dispatching system. And related water analysis management software.

At present, the water meter market relies on urbanization, affordable housing construction, and rural drinking water safety reform. It basically maintains a level of stable demand and modest growth. In addition, the water price policy for ladders, smart city construction, and demonstration and scale application of Internet of things, It is helpful to promote the promotion of smart water meters and it is expected that the next three to five years will be the rapid growth period of smart water meters.

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