F/G/A Series Marine Inflatable PVC Fender for Boat and Yahct

  • Model NO.: F, G, A series
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Size: All Size
  • Certificates: CCS.ABS.Lrs.BV.Gl.Dnv.Nk
  • Transport Package: Carton
  • Origin: China
  • Material: PVC
  • Structure: Floating
  • Surface: Smoothy or Ribbed
  • Trademark: PTC
  • Specification: see attached
  • HS Code: 3921902000
Company introduction

Our company PTC Marine Co.Ltd is a member of China Machinery&Engineering Suzhou Co.Ltd(CMEC Suzhou Co,Ltd), it is located in Suzhou China, we are the manufacture of  Marine Equipments for more than 20 years, with  CCS.ABS.LRS.BV.GL.DNV.NK,ISO9001:2008, etc.

Product introduction

PVC inflatable Yacht fenders  

Polyurethane floating fender is also kind of compressewd fender which builds our 

protective layer with polyure materials and adopts polyurethane foaming material 
plastic foaming as buffer medium: The destructice effects on dock and ships will be 
reduced by the copression to absorb the impact energy from ships in the course of 
using pourethane floating fender.Itis a new kind synthetic polymer whose performance 

has both asvantages of plastic and rubber :The high strength of plastic and good 

elasticity of rubber. 

F series yacht fender:

This kind of inflatable fender with a reinforced moulded eye at each end. Suitable for vertical or horizontal use, they are ideal for leisure motorboats, yachts and work boats.


1,good raw material. 

2,color and design can be customized.  

3,high quality.

4,long usage life.

5,color and size: various for chose,or customized.


Size Chart
F series Model Dimensions Buoyancy(kg) Qty/Carton Size
  F4015 40*15*2 5 20pcs/40*40*32cm
F4211 42*11*1.2 5 20pcs/42*40*29cm
F5114 51*14*1.4 10 10pcs/46*50*21cm
F6216 62*16*2.2 15 10pcs/60*43*29cm
F6222 62*22*1.8 20 10pcs/60*43*29cm
F7220 72*20*2.6 35 10pcs/70*51*29cm
F7628 76*28*2 45 8pcs/70*51*29cm
F9530 95*30*2.7 (reinforced) 100 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F9835 98*35*2.7 (reinforced) 120 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F9840 98*40*2.7 (reinforced) 150 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F10020 100*20*3 50 6pcs/70*51*29cm
F10222 102*22*3 55 6pcs/70*51*29cm
F10424 104*24*3 60 6pcs/70*51*29cm
G series Model Dimensions Weight(kg) Qty/Carton Size
  G0 D 110*L 400(mm)
D 4.5*L 16(inch)
0.5  20PCS/42*31*45cm 
G1 D 140*L 500(mm)
D 5.5*L 20(inch)
0.9  10PCS/52*40*25cm
G2 D 160*L 580(mm)
D 6.5*L 23(inch)
1.0  10PCS/58*46*29cm
G3 D 210*L 680(mm)
D 8.5*L 27(inch)
1.8  10PCS/68*32*45cm
G4 D 280*L 780(mm)
D 11*L 30(inch)
2.8  10PCS/76*39*46cm
G5 D400*980(mm)
6.0  3PCS/96*58*36cm
A series Model Dimensions Weight(kg) Qty/Carton Size
  A25 D 250*H 310(mm)
D 9.8*H 12.2(inch)
0.85 30PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A29 D 290*H 350(mm)
D 11.4*H 13.8(inch)
0.9 25PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A40 D 400*H 450(mm)
D 15.7*H 17.8(inch)
2.5 10PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A45 D 450*H 500(mm)
D 17.8*H 19.7(inch)
3 8PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A50 D 500*H 550(mm)
D 19.7*H 21.6(inch)
3.3 6PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A55 D 550*H 600(mm)
D 21.6*H 23.6(inch)
4 5PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A65 D 650*H 700(mm)
D 25.6*H 27.5(inch)
4.5 5PCS/76*39*46(cm)
A75 D 750*H 800(mm)
D 29.5*H 31.5(inch)
5 4PCS/76*39*46(cm)
Colin Cheng Sales Manager
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Mob(whatspp): +86 13812690674
Website: www.ptcmarine.com  
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F/G/A Series Marine Inflatable PVC Fender for Boat and Yahct
F/G/A Series Marine Inflatable PVC Fender for Boat and YahctF/G/A Series Marine Inflatable PVC Fender for Boat and YahctF/G/A Series Marine Inflatable PVC Fender for Boat and Yahct


F/G/A Series Marine Inflatable PVC Fender for Boat and Yahct

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Colin Cheng Sales Manager
PTC Marine Co.,Ltd(CMEC Suzhou Co.,Ltd)
Mob(whatspp): +86 13812690674

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