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The battery is an important part of the automotive electronic system, and the quality of the battery affects the overall performance of the vehicle. Today, we will introduce you to Mann's important components with strict standards - the battery.

Mann factory battery

The Mann factory battery is perfectly matched with the Mann model, which can successfully complete the daily heavy transportation tasks. Due to the low current consumption, the battery is ideal for short-haul transportation and gives the vehicle good cold start performance. Excellent corrosion resistance can further extend the life of the battery, ensuring normal start-up even if the vehicle is parked for a long time.

Feature 1 - double labyrinth safety cover

Double labyrinth safety cover

Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries that use a single-layer cover, a two-layer labyrinth cover with integrated flame arrester seals the battery. Acid leakage does not occur even if the battery is tipped over or subjected to extreme vibration.

Feature 2 - Innovation comes from EFB

EFB (Enhanced Water-Injected Lead-Acid Battery) uses innovative glass pad reinforcement technology and is highly resistant to vibration and is suitable for installation at the rear of the vehicle.

The glass mat on the lead plate increases the elasticity of the active material, prevents breakage, and has a very low risk of failure. At the same time, by mixing the components, it can prevent aging caused by acid stratification and further prolong the service life.

The enhanced water-filled lead-acid battery (EFB) 07.97020-2303 has a uniform size and shape and is suitable for replacing 07.97020-2252 batteries on any vehicle. This is another advantage brought by this technology!

Industry benchmark - Mann battery standard M3101

A Requirements for both standards

B Additional requirements for the Mann standard

The requirements for the battery of Mann Factory have far exceeded the European standard (DIN EN 50342-1) and passed a series of tests and verifications. Thanks to Mann's internal standard M3101, the battery meets and meets the highest quality requirements.

Mann factory battery highlights summary

Lifetime maintenance free

No need to add distilled water, ready to use when fully charged

Ultra-low electrolyte loss, low self-discharge

Long life and high stability

Ultra-high load (SHD) design for excellent vibration resistance

Single vent and integrated flame arrester optimize labyrinth protection cover for maximum safety

Low current consumption for short-haul transportation and cold start (this article is from Mann)

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