Focusing on life-cycle performance, are you picking the right arm?

In recent years, the aerial platform industry has developed rapidly, and grabbing the arm market has become a priority for manufacturers. In the face of different brands and a wide range of arm types, many renters have encountered difficulties.

Safety and reliability, good practicability, economic maintenance, residual value guarantee ... Throughout the full life cycle of the arm, only when these four points are met at the same time, can it be a good arm in the true sense of the leaser.

[Dingli boom aerial work platform]

Zhejiang Dingli, as one of the "Top 10 Global Aerial Work Platforms in 2019", has designed its products from the perspective of the leaser. The aerial work platforms sold over the years have spread all over the world, and have been well received.
This article takes the Dingli arm type as an example, and analyzes in detail the safety, practicality, maintenance, and residual value from a good arm type how to conquer the majority of renters with strength!

I. Security

The original intention of the aerial work platform was to facilitate the ascending construction and provide safety for the personnel, so safety always comes first. The following is the safety content of Dingli arm.
1. Hardware requirements: a number of manufacturing standards safety certification European CE safety certification

American ANSI certification Russia CU-TR certification ...

2. Software consolidation: various safety auxiliary systems are equipped as standard

Load sensing system tilt alarm system emergency descending system dual sensor system

Intelligent anti-extrusion system Intelligent safety valve protection system ...

[Dual sensor]

3. Design enhancement: Dingli arm type unique safety design

The overall component is designed to move downwards, which reduces the center of gravity and is more stable.

The boom is made of Q960 special steel, which is safer ...

[Design of overall parts moving down]

Second, practical

In addition to safety, for leasers and construction workers, the practicality of the arm is key. When choosing the arm type, you can refer to the practicality of Dingli arm type to make a choice.
Large load: under the premise of 3 people working at the same time, the maximum load is up to 454kg, and the load is large.
High chassis: 41cm clearance from the ground, under strong working conditions, strong passability.
Powerful: climbing up to 50%, good off-road performance. 100% differential lock, three wheels can still go forward.
Low failure: The standard is equipped with an integrated special axle designed and developed in accordance with the high frequency and harsh working conditions of mining machinery, a completely rigid structure design, and integrated arm-type actual usage evaluation to meet the 10-year use and zero failure rate performance requirements.
More flexible: 4x4 drive steering, crab row, flexible action.
High energy saving: The Dingli ECO engine energy saving system is standard equipped, and the fuel consumption is low.
Easy to transport: 30-meter straight arm and 28-meter curved arm. Globally, only the Dingli arm type of the same working height model can satisfy both types of transportation.


[30 meters straight arm easy packing]

Third , maintenance

Safety and practicability are the key to the arm type, but in the full life cycle of the arm type, the later maintenance is also important, which is also the cost of the leaser's expenditure. Dingli's unique arm design has the following advantages.
1. Two-year warranty

Dingli arm has a first-class family-type modular design concept, relying on global technology-leading American Dana construction machinery axles, German Rexroth high-voltage drive systems, German Deutz engines and Danfoss PVG hydraulic control systems, and other high-end configuration performance Guarantee, excellent performance, bright comprehensive performance, two-year warranty.

2. Maintenance

The Dingli arm adopts a modular design, 95% of the main components of the entire series are common, and 80% of the structural parts are common, while the traditional arm parts and structural parts are almost universal.

In other words, as long as the Dingli arm type can repair and maintain 1 type of equipment, it can cope with the maintenance problems of all models, improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance and reduce labor costs.

Similarly, all arm types need only purchase one set of wearing parts, which can cope with sudden failures of all models, reducing equipment maintenance parts procurement costs and storage costs.

[Dingli warranty for two years]

Fourth, the residual value

As for the leaser, after the equipment usage time reaches the upper limit, it will face the problem of residual value of second-hand equipment. The main factors affecting the equipment are market circulation, parts guarantee, brand influence, and quality stability.
â‘  As a listed company in the domestic aerial platform industry, Dingli has high brand influence, market reputation, and product circulation, and has a good disposal rate for used equipment.
â‘¡ Dingli arm series adopts modular design, high versatility of structural parts and components, and all are manufactured in batches by modern intelligent production equipment with stable quality.
It can be seen that even if the Dingli arm type enters the second-hand market, the residual value can still be guaranteed, and the equipment operating cost of the leaser is greatly reduced.

The boom-type aerial work platform has a sophisticated design and excellent performance, but it is not easy to launch a product that has been well received by the market.

Based on the above dry goods, everyone must have a comprehensive understanding of the Dingli arm type. Do you have the above-mentioned advantages of the arm type aerial platform? (This article comes from Zhejiang Dingli)

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