For the first time, scientists have achieved black-phosphorus-based fiber mode-locked lasers

It was learned from Shenzhen University on the 25th that Shenzhen Peacock Innovation Team led by Zhang Han, a professor at the Optoelectronics Collaborative Innovation Center of National University of Singapore-Singaporean National University, for the first time achieved a black phosphorus-based fiber mode-locked laser and achieved the output of ultra-short pulse laser.

In recent years, while the graphene industry is flourishing, another new type of single-element, two-dimensional atomic crystal black phosphorus was discovered. Similar to graphene, black phosphorus has many excellent features, it is called shoulder graphene "dream material." Zhang Han said that the research and application of black phosphorus has just begun, and its nonlinear optical properties have been confirmed by many domestic and foreign units and applied to the production of ultrafast laser. It is foreseeable that in the near future it will become "the second graphene."

May of this year, Zhang Han team found that black phosphorus has broadband light absorption characteristics of saturation, the wavelength range can cover the visible to the infrared band. In the field of lasers, devices with saturable absorption characteristics are the key to the formation of ultrashort pulsed lasers. This characteristic of black phosphorus has been found to be a potential for the mid-infrared ultrafast optics. The discovery is published in the international journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Zhang Han said that studies have shown that graphene is a band gap semi-metallic semiconductor materials, with ultra-high electron mobility and broadband light absorption characteristics. However, the band gapless band structure limits the application and development of graphene in the field of optoelectronics. The most prominent feature of black phosphorus is that it possesses the direct band gap that varies with the number of layers, which exactly solves the problems plaguing graphene.

As early as 2014, Zhang Yuanbo team from Fudan University made use of less-layer black phosphorus to realize the application of high-speed FET, which kicked off extensive research on black phosphorus.

The application of black phosphorus is not limited to the field of optoelectronics. Phosphorus is an essential element in the human body and has advantages in the field of biomedicine. To this end, Zhang Han and Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Yu Xuefeng, Hong Kong City University professor Zhu Jianhao cooperation successfully developed a new ultra-small black quantum dots, and as a photothermal agent used in the treatment of cancer, This discovery has been published in the German Journal of Applied Chemistry.

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