Fuji Electric Launches Water-cooled High Voltage Frequency Converter "FRENIC4800VM5"

Fuji Electric Launches Water-cooled High Voltage Frequency Converter "FRENIC4800VM5" Recently, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. introduced a large-capacity water-cooled high-voltage inverter.

In areas where high-voltage inverters are widely used, such as the rolling equipment drive control of iron and steel enterprises, as the scale of equipment increases, users are increasingly clamoring for larger-capacity inverters. Fuji Electric's new water-cooled "FRENIC4800VM5" model was introduced to meet this market demand.

While increasing the capacity of the inverter, the amount of heat dissipating in the inverter circuit that controls large currents also increases. How to dissipate heat becomes an important issue.

The new product "FRENIC4800VM5" cools the heat generated by the conversion circuit by means of water cooling. Compared with the conventional air cooling method, the cooling efficiency is significantly improved, making it possible to increase the capacity of high-voltage inverters.

Large-capacity high-voltage inverters can meet the needs of large-scale enterprises and large-scale equipment, and achieve high-performance, high-precision production line control functions.

In regions around the world, mainly China, demand for steel will continue to increase. With this backdrop, Fuji Electric will actively promote the marketing of new products “FRENIC4800VM5” and contribute to the infrastructure construction in various regions of the world. Power.

1, product features:

(1) Water cooling is used to realize large capacity and miniaturization of the device;

(2) Large-capacity IGBT module is used to realize large capacity (2.4 times that of previous products);

(3) Rich application options, combined with factory, equipment control methods, equipped with interface communication cards and other accessories.

2. Applicable fields: Various industrial equipment fields such as steel production lines. 3, Release date: July 1, 2011. 4. Welcome to inquiry.

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