Goodyear Invests 1.8 Billion to Expand Capacity in Dalian

On July 21, 2016, Goodyear, a world-renowned tire company from the United States, announced plans for its Dalian plant, which will add 3.8 billion US dollars (about 1.84 billion renminbi) to tire production capacity of 3 million in the next five years. This investment "will help enable Goodyear to meet the high value-added tire market in China and other Asia-Pacific markets, and future long-term demand growth," the company said, while the factory in Dalian Pulandia, Liaoning Province, was in 2012. Completed the "new" factory that was relocated and put into use.

Goodyear said that when the project is fully operational, the project will create 250 jobs. Since its establishment in 2012, it has been operating normally. While Goodyear came to China since 1994, the major holding company was known as the majority share of Dalian General Rubber Factory.

The Goodyear's factory plans to produce 10 million tons of passenger tires and 500,000 carts of passenger car tires, and its production capacity will increase by 2.08 million passenger car tires by the end of 2017. The United States Goodyear tire rubber company was founded in 1898, has been more than 100 years of history. Goodyear is the world's largest tire manufacturing company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, USA. The company produces tires, engineering rubber products and chemical products in more than 90 factories in 28 countries. Today, Goodyear employs more than 80,000 people worldwide.

From April 1, 2005, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. moved its Asia Pacific regional headquarters from the United States to Shanghai, China. This is an important measure for Goodyear to strengthen business development in China and its surrounding areas. At the same time, it announced the company's newly appointed strong lineup of Goodyear Asia Pacific and China, and will actively move towards the magnificent growth target.

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