· Haitao car network teamed up with Tianjin Port direct sales to promote the development of parallel imported cars

The strategic cooperation signing parties from left to right are: Haiming car network CEO Lin Mingjun, Tianjin Tianbao Logistics Group Co., Ltd. general manager Sun Baijun, Tianjin Yinglian Bang Industrial Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Chen Zhongxian China's largest parallel imported car e-commerce website Haitao car Net, recently officially and Tianjin Tianbao International Logistics Group, Tianjin Yinglianbang Industrial Co., Ltd. reached a tripartite strategic cooperation alliance, and jointly joined forces to expand the e-commerce business of parallel imported cars.
The so-called "parallel imported car" refers to the direct import of the origin of the product by other importers except for the general distributor. The import channels are “parallel” to the domestic authorized distribution channels, and all are from the brand car manufacturers. Its producers are in line with the standard car, but they have omitted the overlord clause of the general agent and the exploitation of agents at all levels, so it is cheaper than the standard car.
According to the latest data provided by the China Automobile Dealers Association's Imported Car Working Committee, in 2013, China's parallel imports of car sales increased by about 20%, parallel imports of imported cars accounted for 7% of the total imports of the year, accounting for 12% of the total import value. In 2014, the annual sales growth of parallel imported cars in China exceeded nearly 30%. Along with the previous pilot policy of parallel imported cars, the media reported that the acceptance of parallel imported cars has gradually increased, and the sales of parallel imported cars can enter an explosive growth stage.
Tianjin Port is the largest trading port for parallel imported cars in China. The annual import volume has long occupied a monopoly position. This is the second strategic alliance port after Haitao Auto Network announced its strategic cooperation with Qingdao Port in March. It took only half a year for Haitao Auto Network to reach a strategic partnership with the two largest parallel import car trading ports in China, “Qingdao Port” and “Tianjin Port”, and quietly complete the “port direct sales” of Haitao Auto E-commerce. "Strategic layout.
Tianjin Tianbao Logistics and Tianjin Yinglianbang Industry said that consumers in the past will encounter many problems in purchasing parallel imported cars, such as price opacity, inconsistent vehicle configuration and medium-sized cars, poor condition of new cars, no quality assurance, no maintenance outlets, and There are a series of problems such as the location of the car, the lagging of procedures, the amount and price of overseas resources, and the financial services of upstream and downstream. In the future, Tianbao Logistics, Haitao Auto Network and Yinglian will work together to solve the above mentioned problems.
Tianbao Logistics is the leading enterprise in Tianjin Free Trade Zone. It will solve warehousing, logistics, customs declaration services and financial services for consumers. Haitao Auto Network relies on mature online platform to enable consumers to more easily access parallel imported cars and provide With excellent service in the sales process, Yinglian helps to provide a stable source of imported cars and retail outlets covering the whole country. The strong alliance of the three companies will subvert the traditional model of parallel imported cars, bringing more convenient and secure services to consumers and dealers. ”
For a long time, the high prices of imported cars, especially luxury imported cars, have been criticized by many parties. In contrast, parallel imported cars have a significant price advantage through the compression intermediate link. For example, the latest Volvo XC90 model, the price of the standard car is 798,000, and the car e-commerce platform represented by Haitao car network only sells for 649,800 yuan, which is different from the price of 100,000 yuan. At the same time enjoy online ordering, delivery to the door, car three bags, after-sales maintenance and other services.
Previously, Haitao Auto Network had the unique advantage of the only official e-commerce platform of Qingdao Auto International Port and the “six first”. After the conference, Tianjin Tianbao International Logistics Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Yinglianbang Industrial Co., Ltd. were combined. The company's advantage, Haitao car network in the parallel imported car's car source, channel, after-sales and logistics advantages further expanded, the benefits and services for consumers are further enhanced, we have reason to believe in the mobile Internet era of car buyers It is hard not to make new choices.
The "internet + policy loosening" benefits, coupled with the strategic cooperation of Tianjin Port and Yinglianbang Industry, the deep expansion of Haitao Auto's port direct marketing strategic alliance. Less than 10%-30% of the price of the standard car and better after-sales service, many consumers gradually recognize and agree with the online car model. The parallel imported car e-commerce platform represented by Haitao Motors Network is trying to occupy half of the imported car consumer market.

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