Hande company's technological innovation seizes the commanding height of transformation and development

As a large enterprise with the largest technology content in the Chinese axle industry, which integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales, Hande has always insisted on technological innovation to lead the development. From the introduction of the Steyr axle technology in 1985 to the rapid localization of MAN technology in 2004, the first export of domestic key automobile assembly technology in 2007 has achieved a breakthrough in China's automobile manufacturing industry from product exports to technology exports, and by 2009 Won the "China's Independent Innovation Automobile Enterprise Award"; from 2011 Product Laboratory through the National CNAS Laboratory Certification to the establishment of the Axle Joint Research Center and the expansion of the National Laboratory Project in cooperation with Tsinghua University in 2012. Advantages, expanding scientific research, accelerating R&D speed, optimizing spectrum structure, taking the command of the company's transformation and development at the full speed of product upgrades, and advancing toward the grand vision of “becoming a full-scale supplier of axle systems for heavy and medium-sized wheeled vehicles”. .

Intensify product research and development, improve the optimized spectrum structure

Hande company always adheres to the needs of customers and takes the market as the guide. While satisfying the need for personalized development, it has made great efforts in product customization and serial production; through the development of various series of new products and the experimental model data Establish and improve, continuously optimize product structure and product spectrum, and gradually establish R&D, technology and technology platform for large-scale and customized products, and form three major product platforms for commercial vehicle axles, non-road axles and passenger car bridges. Improve the company's core competitiveness; as of now, the company's main products are: 5.5T-16T steering front axle, 10T-35T wheel side deceleration drive axle, 6.8T-13T single-stage deceleration drive axle, 6.5T-13T steering drive Bridge, 10T-16T trailer axle; products cover more than 1,000 varieties of heavy and medium-sized truck axles, non-road bridges, passenger bridges, trailer axles and other five categories. Its wheel-side deceleration drive axle and single-stage deceleration drive axle have always been in the leading position in the domestic market with its unique technical advantages and superior bearing and transfer ability.

The highlights of new products highlight the advantages of innovation and upgrading

Based on the improvement of the existing product line, in recent years, Hande has made major breakthroughs in the research and development of domestic high-end heavy truck bridges, passenger bridges, large-tonnage mining axles and new energy axles. In the past two years, more than 150 kinds of new products such as HDZ450 and HDZ457 single-stage decelerating passenger car axles, HDZ469 wheel side deceleration mine driving axles and HDZ233 wheel side deceleration axles have been successfully developed. The new products have increased by 33% year-on-year. Above, with advanced product technology, precise manufacturing process and perfect quality control capability, the company's products have considerable market competition advantages in terms of high reliability, high bearing capacity, light weight, and low noise; the company's passenger car bridge has been fully covered by domestic Mainstream bus market of 12 meters or above; Non-road axle products developed since 2009 have been favored by customers with excellent market performance, and have become the main force in the field of automotive suspension bridges; through the continuous improvement and upgrading of counterweight truck bridge products With integrated design concepts and the use of new materials, new technologies and other advanced methods, the product reliability has been greatly improved, while the lightweighting effect has been remarkable, effectively reducing manufacturing costs and improving product competitiveness. At the same time, the Hande Company has entered the full range of new R&D fields such as electric axles, China Card, and off-highway cranes.

Consolidate the advantages of research, production and research resources, and pay attention to the entire product life cycle

In 2012, Hande Company established marketing center, cooperated with Tsinghua University to set up the Axle Joint Research Center, and expanded the state-level laboratory project that invested over 100 million yuan. It achieved the pre-product planning, R&D, manufacturing and after-sales service with international technical standards. The process of testing services, at the same time build a scientific research platform combining capital, talent, technology and other resources advantages with “production, research, and research” to fully focus on the entire life cycle of product development; undertake the national 863 scientific research projects and actively carry out research projects. In 2012, the company The number of authorized patents has increased by more than five times year-on-year, forming a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights and accelerating the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements; at the same time, on August 1, 2012, Hande officially launched the anti-counterfeiting label and the Internet. Inquiries and 400 telephone inquiries are the main contents of the "Handle axle accessory product anti-counterfeiting query system", and further increase the protection of intellectual property rights.

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