How many doors are there in supermarket lockers?

Supermarket lockers are often seen at the entrance of supermarkets. In order to bring convenience to customers, many supermarkets are now popular. There are 12 supermarkets, 24 stores and 36 stores in the supermarket. Each supermarket chooses the number of customers according to the passenger flow, which is convenient for customers.
How many doors are there in supermarket lockers?

The main functions of the supermarket locker:

1. Advanced management functions: The menu-based advanced management functions mainly implement the basic parameters of the locker, basic management functions, and support for management password changes.

2. Emergency system: Equipped with two emergency door opening systems. The electronically controlled emergency door opening method and each box door are equipped with an independent mechanical emergency door opening device to ensure that the customers can take out the items in a timely manner even under abnormal conditions such as power failure.

3, real-time monitoring: The use of infrared detection method, real-time monitoring of the storage status of the contents of the box and the entire process of recording the contents of the box access, and recorded in the system.

4, security protection features: unique password generation technology and encryption technology to ensure the only information and security 5, the door detection function: Each box door is equipped with automatic detection components, can identify whether the box is open 6, the door lock, Unlocking function: For the fault, abnormal box, etc., use the lock function to shield the box door 7 and record the query: you can query the record of the package at any time, including the package time, the use of the cabinet number, the box number and the pick-up time 8. Voice prompts: Voice prompt operation, clear steps, easy for users to easily grasp the operation method.

9. Power-off protection: Data is stored in real time. In the event of a power outage, the data will never be lost.

This is the supermarket locker, supermarket locker function is the preferred reason for many supermarkets, so that customers better protect their own hungry belongings, but also brought benefits to the supermarket. Supermarkets should select a certain number of lockers based on the traffic volume of their own supermarkets, avoiding the problem of too many people not using too little and not hosting enough.

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