How to choose 7.6 meters of refrigerated truck compartment materials

Many friends of ecommerce have recently started playing fresh food. What is the most important thing in the fresh market? That is the cold chain transportation. It is particularly important to choose a refrigerated truck that is suitable for you. Let's take a look at how to choose the 7.6-meter refrigerated truck compartment material.

As we all know, in the cold-chain market, the cost required is relatively high, and how to choose the 7.6-meter refrigerated truck compartment material is very important! A 7.6-meter refrigerator car configuration down the cost is not small, according to a 7.6-meter refrigerated car prices, the refrigerator box offer nearly 60,000 yuan, can be 3-4 times more expensive than ordinary cars, but why refrigerated cars expensive Where is it expensive?

Speaking of the 7.6-meter refrigerated car compartment materials, all the cars are currently using a sandwich assembly sandwich method, which can basically achieve high-performance thermal insulation. In general, we see fiberglass directly outside the cabin. This material is the product of the coagulation of the gel coat and the glass filament, usually only one layer.

The sandwich layer of the 7.6-meter refrigerated car compartment material is filled with materials. Basically, two types are used. The first one is a honeycomb panel that is often used for RVs. It has a light weight, excellent heat insulation and heat insulation effect, and the majority of vehicles in Hong Kong. Use more. The second paragraph is a very common pu board. The main material is polyurethane, which is what people usually call polyurethane. Different formulations can be used to achieve different effects.

Glass plate is the most popular and effective choice. Therefore, if you need to maintain a low temperature, do not choose a relatively inexpensive color plate, and the lost temperature is also a cost. The 7.6-meter refrigerated truck we talked about today has a longer carriage and uses more than twice as many materials. In addition to using a glass steel plate for the outer shell, the sandwich can be combined with its own refrigerating and insulation conditions to select, like The above-mentioned honeycomb panels and pu panels are all good choices. It is more important to combine your economic budget. You can also choose materials with high prices and good insulation properties. You may be able to save a lot of fuel consumption at ordinary times. More friendly.

The above is how we chose the 7.6-meter refrigerated truck compartment materials that we introduced today. Do you understand now?

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