How to develop steadily

How to develop steadily After the start-exploration-high-speed development process, China's full-section tunnel boring machine has become the leading product of the Chinese digging machinery industry, which has ushered in a key stage of further growth. Under the circumstances of China's huge market demand and market potential, Faced with increasingly fierce market competition at home and abroad, how will China's digging machinery industry maintain the healthy development of the industry?

First, for the current major needs of the import of some of the major parts, such as the main bearing, the main drive, some hydraulic parts, control systems, etc., to support the strength of the supporting enterprise research and development R & D, and strive to break the situation completely rely on imports as soon as possible.

2. Continue to work hard to improve product research and development capabilities and technology levels. For mature products, strengthen testing and testing, stabilize product quality, and further improve product reliability; focus on the key technology research of TBM and large-diameter full-face tunnel excavation around the national "863" plan. Machine development.

Third, increase the development of the international market. Enterprises with export conditions must grasp the domestic and foreign markets together. This is an effective way to alleviate the problem of excess production capacity. To open up and stabilize the international market, one is to publicize and increase the visibility of our products, and the other is to stabilize product quality. , Can meet the construction requirements, and third, the service must be in place.

IV. Actively adjust the industrial structure, increase industrial concentration, strengthen industry management and corporate self-discipline, correct over-industry protection and local protection, oppose unfair price competition, improve market competition environment, and further strive for policies of government authorities Support and support enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and research and development capabilities to become bigger and stronger, and improve the competitiveness of industries and enterprises.

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Surface Treatment

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Water Jet Cutting

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Industrial Cleaning

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