HX_(N3) locomotive air compressor problem and solution

4 pick 1 =, the type 3 locomotive in the application and maintenance of the hollow air pressure, won the question, and proposed an improved method to ensure that her type 3 locomotive machine can operate normally and improve the railway transportation capacity.

1 Introduction The 3 type machine is designed to adapt to the Chinese railway to achieve leap-forward development to meet the requirements of high-speed heavy-duty. The fire-powered diesel locomotive developed jointly by the Dalian locomotive and vehicle company. The locomotive adopts the AC-DC transmission and is equipped with 蛟26 mod. Diesel engine, installed power 4 660 gland, the maximum operating speed of 12,1 as a few.

Since the use of the locomotive in my section, it has been well received by the maintenance and application departments. First of all, the locomotive adopts modular integrated control, which makes the maintenance more convenient and the locomotive failure rate is low. Secondly, the locomotive adopts 0 brake control system electric control motive, 2000 computer control, etc., making the flight attendant operation easier and easier. First, the locomotive design is stronger. Humanized, reasonable layout and improved comfort. However, since the 3rd type machine has been put into operation, the Ningle machine has never been completely solved. The inverter is now locked, the air compressor is stopped, 2 the air compressor is open, the undercurrent is faulty; Fault, the air compressor is stopped. The three aspects of the existence of the air compressor have occurred on the locomotives of the 9-off locomotive. In particular, the locomotive of the Type 3 0061 locomotive stopped the inverter lock failure for 6 consecutive compressors in the near 4 of the 29th of 2010. As listed in 1.

The No. 0094 locomotive is listed in the traction raft due to the failure of the No. 2 air compressor drive shaft. Through the long fire downhill, the total wind cylinder pressure is insufficient to cause the penalty brake. Cause the train to stop.

Division; Ji Changlong 1976, male, Yingkou, Liaoning, senior engineer can, if the air compressor can not be solved very well, not only easy to cause the machine to break, but also the traction ability of the locomotive is not fully utilized, can not meet Railway high speed heavy load requirements.

Fault air compressor start time end time air compressor 1 air compressor 2 air compressor 1 air compressor 2 air compressor 1 2 analysis of the three aspects of the air compressor fault 6 is caused by the malfunction of the toilet 2000 computer of. After the locomotive air compressor failure occurs, the locomotive hardware and line are normal. The locomotive can be eliminated after the power failure period, but the fault is still repeated due to the instability of the system. 0. After the company's development number software package, some of the locomotive air compressors were solved, and the number of occurrences was significantly reduced. Now that the locomotive has applied the No. 14 software package, only one air compressor failure is caused by the 2000 computer malfunction, and the probability of failure is greatly reduced.

The main cause of the failure of the drive shaft failure air compressor is that the air compressor lacks oil or oil deterioration. The 舢3 locomotive is a new type of locomotive. The air compressor oil is different from the No. 4 locomotive and the Type 4 locomotive. The flight attendants and maintenance personnel lack the ability to judge the quality of this new type of oil. At the same time, some air compressors have oil leakage. . The locomotive inspection of the locomotive found that the air compressor oil has either been emulsified or turned red, or the oil level is not up to standard. After the oil is changed, the fault is eliminated. For example, the No. 2 0047 locomotive has a failure of the No. 2 air compressor drive shaft. The flight attendant has not been reset for many times. The warehousing inspection found that the air compressor oil has turned red. After replacing the oil, the locomotive fault is eliminated. malfunction.

The air compressor inverter damages the rectifier single line; the burned air compressor undercurrent fault. The role of the air compressor inverter capacitor in the circuit is to keep the intermediate DC link voltage smooth and filtered, so that the inverter can get the ideal DC power. When the inverter capacitor is damaged, the intermediate DC link voltage will fluctuate, and the harmonic component will increase, causing the phase AC generated by the inverter to be unsatisfactory. In severe cases, the rectifier unit and the capacitor circuit board can be burnt. For example, type 3 0080 locomotive 1 display screen failure information air compressor open circuit under current fault, check found that all four air compressor capacitors are damaged, resulting in 6 rectifier units burned 4, capacitor circuit board burned, replaced after the locomotive Operating normally. The air compressor has two sets of rectifying units, three in each group. When any one of the three rectifying units in each group fails, the air compressor will not operate.

Other interference signals are mixed into the air compressor inverter. When I was repairing the locomotive, I found that the connection between the 2000 computer and the air compressor counter-loader was in place and it was easy to mix the signal. This is called the squealing port 1. When entering the inverter with the computer command, the switching action will be turbulent and the inverter will be locked, especially the bus, the connection terminals of the 4 and 05, which are easily accessible due to the proximity of the air conditioner inverter. Signal interference. I will pay for the inspection of the 6th type 0061 machine, and I will see that the 接线15 terminal is bare, and the inverter plug is used. The reason why the air compressor is frequently locked is that an interference signal enters the inverter through this terminal. After the plug is processed, the air compressor operates normally. At the same time, during the overhaul, some of the locomotives were found, and the set of cockroaches and cockroaches were smashing, and the doctors were quiet and serious. The ten sources of disturbance entered through the grinding point.

3Solutions and preventive measures should modify the software defects in the air compressor as soon as possible to avoid the 2000 computer malfunctioning all kinds of air compressors.

Strengthen the training of flight attendants and improve the ability of fault handling. If you want to stop the air compressor caused by the malfunction of 2000 computer, you can do it without stopping. After repeated trials by my technicians, the locomotive speed corpse 201 confirms that the reversing handle is in the middle position, the handle is placed in the idle position, and the corresponding fault air compressor circuit breaker and computer control circuit breaker are closed. Eliminate such failures without causing penalty braking. However, because the speed of the servant is low, sometimes the flight attendant has already stopped the faulty train. Therefore, the technician is required to pass the test to increase the speed of the fault, so that the flight attendant has enough time to handle it.

The section is strictly inspected to check the quality of the engine oil. The air compressor oil used in the Type 3 locomotive is No. 3025 oil, which is yellow under normal conditions. The oil is orange in the observation window. If the oil is found to be red or white, it should be replaced in time. In addition, the air compressor machine must be in place. Requirements, machine status, oil level. Above the engraved line; when the air compressor is running, the oil level should be kept between the upper and lower engraved lines. If it is lower than the lower engraving line, the oil should be replenished. When the locomotive is being repaired, the maintenance workshop should be replaced with the air compressor 汕 filter and the air compressor air filter to ensure the oil quality and air quality.

When the maintenance workshop is inspecting the machine, first. Check the electrical status of the air compressor inverter is good, if there is liquid or damage, replace it in time, and check the connection of each solder joint of the capacitor circuit board should be intact, find the solder joint crack repair in time, and glue the fixed Secondly. The voltage regulator rectifier unit fuse should be checked. The core fuse is blown.

The rectifier unit and the fuse should be replaced, and the auxiliary generator state should be checked at the same time to avoid the fault caused by the auxiliary generator current fluctuation; first, check the bus. Whether the wiring terminals of people 4 and 05 are exposed, the exposed terminals should be shielded with shielding materials to avoid interference signals. First, check that the 05 bus is connected to the ground when passing through the electrical equipment. If it should be handled in time.

4 effects Since the application of the Can 3 locomotive in my section, through the treatment and research of the failure of multiple Ning presses, we have found a solution and preventive measures to solve this Ge 1+. In the locomotive operation and maintenance, we applied the above-mentioned suggestions, so that the failure of the empty machine in the 3 bar machine was significantly reduced, and the flight attendant's ability to handle such failures was improved. After the 3rd type 0601 and 0047 locomotives have been processed by our section, there is no relevant fault information feedback during the operation. The reduction of the failure rate of the air compressor makes the traction capacity of the Type 3 locomotive play, adapts to the high-speed and heavy-load requirements of the railway, and promotes the leap-forward development of the Chinese railway to a certain extent.

1 The United States touched 13 companies. A few 56 people, 6 locomotive drivers operating manual 2.2008.i 2 US, 1 company. A few 56 people, 6 locomotive manuals. 2007.

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