HZD-Z-7 shaft vibration transmitter

HZD-Z-7 shaft vibration transmitter

The intelligent shaft vibration transmitter is used with the eddy current sensor and can be widely used in the measurement and protection control of large rotating mechanical shaft vibration (rotation of the rotor relative to the bearing cover) in the power, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel and paper industries. It mainly monitors the radial vibration of the rotating machine rotor and monitors the vibration increase caused by the imbalance of the rotor, misalignment, and loose parts.

l Intelligent shaft vibration transmitter external power supply:

DC power supply: +24VDC ± 10%

Power consumption: <2W

l Input: eddy current sensor probe

l Record output mode: 4~20mA (load ≤500Ω)

Measuring range: 0-500um

l Alarm mode:

Alarm set point: 2 points (alert, dangerous)

Relay status: often lost power

Alarm relay output: 2 sets of normally open relays (alert, dangerous)

Contact capacity: 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/3A

Alarm delay: optional within 1~9 seconds

HZD-Z-7 shaft vibration transmitter

l Accuracy:

Standard output error: 1%

l working environment:

Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Storage temperature: -30 ° C ~ 85 ° C

Relative humidity: 20~95% non-condensing

SG-2 ZD-01 vibration transmitter l meter Dimensions: high × VB-Z220 integrated shaft vibration transmitter length × depth = 120mm × 90mm × 75mm (adding wiring terminal depth zui small 132mm)

Air Covering  Double Winder Machine

Applied range:

It is applied to terylene, chemical fiber, high-low stretch yarn and spandex, which can be air covered or doubled.


1,By air pake function, with synchronous transmission of spandex draft than solution function, to ensure the transmission accuracy;

2, Equipped with feed drive, can accommodate more yarn.

3, Installation bolt automatic stop function and the length count function.

Air Covering Double Winder Machine

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