Iceland's first hydrogen-powered commercial ship

The Nordic countries Iceland has been committed to the development and utilization of renewable energy. Following the establishment of the world's first commercial hydrogen refueling station in 2003 and the first launch of the hydrogen-powered car rental business last year, the Icelandic "Erding" passenger ship will also complete the transformation work in a few weeks, becoming the world's first hydrogen-powered commercial ship.

Reuters reported on the 23rd that the successful transformation of the "Erding" marks Iceland's efforts to become the first country in the world to not use fossil fuels.

"Erding" means "lightning" in Icelandic. The hydrogen-powered ship has a passenger capacity of 155. After the renovation, it will be put into use in April this year. At that time, visitors to Iceland can take a cruise to the sea to watch whales.

With hydrogen power, the engine noise of the Erding will be greatly reduced, and visitors can enjoy a quiet "whale watching tour" for only about $62.

Vignier Sigurs Weinson, who has whale watching experience, said that in the past whale watching tour was disturbed by the noise of the ship's diesel engine, the crew would close the main engine after the whale was found on the voyage, so that tourists could listen to whales and The sound when spraying water. “But when we have a hydrogen-powered engine, the passenger liner will be completely muted, making the whale-watching tour of tourists even more mysterious,” he said.

In addition to allowing visitors to better watch whales, the "Erding" also shoulders the task of testing the ability of the hydrogen-powered ship to sail.

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