Japan's research and development of new sulfur lithium battery is expected to save the phone life

Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Kansai University of Japan are currently developing a new type of lithium-sulfur battery called Li-Ion, which is expected to be drastically reduced to smartphones Such as portable terminals charging frequency is expected to 3 to 5 years later to practical.

In the lithium-ion battery electrodes using sulfur, the battery capacity increased to 4 to 5 times the technology have been developed, research and production by making it strongly with the electrode metal to solve the problem of sulfur is easily soluble in electrolyte, Japan Kansai University In the electrode structure innovation.

Reporters said in the report, lithium-ion battery from lithium ions through the electrolyte back and forth between the positive and negative electrodes to achieve repeated charge and discharge. Cathode with rare metals, including lithium cobalt oxide.

Rather than being a rare resource, sulfur "has the power to store large amounts of electricity and is suitable for use as an electrode material." In this study, sulfur is processed into a microparticulate form and used for the positive electrode on the basis of increasing the surface area.

For repeated charge and discharge, the sulfur will be dissolved in the electrolyte to reduce the performance of the battery has been developed to solve the problem, the use of technology is made of iron and titanium and other metals and sulfur powder, together with the ball made of ceramic mixing. With the impact of small balls collide with each other, the metal atoms and sulfur can be closely combined.

In this study, Rongbubi Xia, senior research fellow at Japan's Advanced Research and Synthesis Institute, found that one metal atom can be combined with four or six sulfur microparticles: "The number of nanometers that open on carbon that is used for the electrode is in the order of 10 nanometers 1/10000 millionths of an inch) penetrate the sulfur microparticles into the holes to make fine particles easy to fix, and fill the holes with sulfur efficiently. Approximately 30% by weight of the electrode produced by this method is sulfur, and Battery capacity up to 4 times the previous. "

With this tacit understanding with Professor Ishikawa made positive, 2 battery test. Even repeated? 2 lines hundreds of charge and discharge can maintain performance. The charging time is reduced to 1/20 of the previous lithium-ion battery. In the future will increase the sulfur infiltration of carbon.

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