Jilin tourist bus accident has caused 11 people to be killed

According to CCTV news reports on July 2nd, overseas network, 7.1 episodes of Ante big traffic accident have so far caused 11 people to be killed, of which 10 Korean tourists and 1 Chinese driver are male. The accident vehicle model is the Changbai Mountain brand tourist bus. The operating procedures are complete. There are 26 Korean tourists and 1 Chinese driver and 1 tour guide. There are 17 injured persons who have transferred to hospitals with better medical conditions.

According to the report of the Yonhap News Agency on July 1st, the on-board staff was a local government civil servant who undertook training at a training institute affiliated to the Korean Ministry of Administration and Autonomy. At that time, 148 people seized 6 buses, including 1 accident. The specific location of the accident was in a Korean village near the boundary between Ji'an and Dandong. The Institute organizes these civil servants to conduct historical visits and administrative training in Yanji, Dalian, and Dandong from June 29 to July 3. At present, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have established an accident countermeasures headquarters, and the consul of the Korean Consulate General in Shenyang also rushed to the scene.

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