Johnson Matthey: This year global platinum gap 12.4 tons

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On November 13, the world’s most authoritative platinum, platinum group metal production, supply, and application company, Johnson Matthey, released the “Platinum 2012 Mid-year Almanac”. The “Yearbook” predicts that due to the significant reduction in the global supply of platinum and the decrease in the recovery of automotive exhaust gas purification catalysts, the platinum market will shift from a surplus to a shortage in 2012, with a total market demand of 251.0 tons, which is basically the same as last year; but supply The volume will drop by 10% to 181.6 tons, plus about 57 tons of recycled material. This year's platinum gap is about 12.4 tons.

According to the analysis, in 2012, the main factor in the decline of global platinum supply was the supply of platinum in South Africa fell to 132.2 tons, a drop of 12% from its lowest point in 11 years. At the same time, platinum recovery from waste automobile exhaust gas purification catalysts will also be reduced by 11% this year to 56.9 tons, resulting in a shortage of global platinum supply.

Johnson Matthey said that due to the weak international economy, platinum demand for automotive exhaust catalysts this year is expected to drop to 95.5 tons, a decrease of 1% from the previous year. The demand for industrial platinum is expected to fall to 55.5 tons, a drop of up to 13%. Among them, the demand for platinum in the chemical industry, including the new coal chemical industry, has been reduced to 14 tons. The demand for platinum in the field of petroleum refining and catalysis has been reduced to 6.2 tons, a reduction of 4 to 5 percentage points; the demand for platinum in the glass industry. From 17.3 tons to 7 tons, a drop of up to 60%. However, as demand for platinum in the global jewellery industry has reached its highest level in three years, demand for platinum in the investment sector remains bullish. In 2012, demand for the global platinum market remained strong.

Johnson Matthey predicts that in 2013, with the increase of automobile emission standards in Europe and Japan, the demand for automobile exhaust gas purification catalyst will remain stable, and the purchasing power of petroleum and chemical industries will gradually recover, and the total platinum demand may increase moderately. However, it is still difficult to predict whether the global platinum supply will increase substantially due to the impact of the strike in the South African mining area, some of the small-scale mining areas due to poor profitability, production cuts, closures, and possible industry restructuring and other unfavorable factors that will continue, and 2013 recycling may become Platinum supply and demand balance the key factors. Platinum prices are expected to be in the range of 1400 to 1800 US dollars per ounce over the next six months.

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